Pain, it hurts

July 20, 2006 8:30 AM

A couple of disjointed thoughts about pain and pain management.

  • You know how much it hurts when you hit your shins on something? And then when the pain starts to subside, it’s almost pleasurable? I think that’s how masochists derive their pleasures.
  • You know how the Terminators in the movies can’t feel pain? And therefore can keep on functioning despite the damage to their systems? Pain is necessary in the sense that it warns us about danger to our bodies but is the unpleasantness, and sometimes debilitating paralysis necessary as well?

    Why can’t we have what machines have and that is, a sensory system monitoring our bodies and warning of damage which does not impede our movements and lucidity? Think of how much more we can achieve if we can overcome the pain barrier or do without it even.

  • The above suggestion is even more powerful when you think about how the treatment of most injuries and illnesses is to incorporate pain relief while assisting rest and recuperation. In this sense, after the initial shock of the injury, pain itself is no longer necessary now is it? Because we are now treating the wound or injury, why the need to keep us miserable?

    I mean keep a low level of pain to remind us not to use or move a particular area of our bodies but junk the remainder because it is such a pain, right?

The above is brought to you by me feeling a dull pain running through my right upper-thigh. It just came in the night and it’s been with me since yesterday morning. I’m gonna give it till Monday.

Bottles of pills

If it still hurts then, I’m seeing a doctor. And what’s the bet that I’ll be prescribed some painkillers and told to take it easy? 😉

For an interesting read about pain and its causes: physiological, psychological, and even genetics, check out “Pain – It’s not all in your head” published by Endeavours, a magazine of the University of North Carolina.

7 thoughts on “Pain, it hurts

  1. Splashmilk is louyau ?

    I love the way you derive your random thoughts on *physical pains* … but lately … and in this six months time, i have been constantly recuperating myself from emotional pains in pursuit of finding back the real me … the real pleasurable pain …

    Painfully funny … pain in your stomach :p

    Hello Mooi

  2. girlstar7

    I’ve got a psych degree and we did a little bit about pain…
    apparently if something REALLY painful happens to you, your body releases endorphins to numb the pain somewhat so you don’t feel it as strongly. cause if you feel it to full effect, it would be too painful.
    e.g. my brother once landed on his arm playing sport and the bone poked out at a funny angle. he said at the time, he passed out and could hardly feel it. it was only later, he startedto feel the pain…

  3. mooiness Post author

    cynthia: not from the weekened, it only started yesterday morning.

    girlstar7: almost like when someone goes into shock right? About your brother’s experience, mine had a similar one – he dislocated his shoulder playing footy and didn’t feel a thing until he got to the hospital.

    ian: am thinking it’s a pinched nerve in my spine. The pain is very dull and non-specific.

    damion: ahahah I know that from playing sport man! One time I didn’t know I was bleeding in my foot until it felt soggy in my shoe and it wasn’t raining. Woah.


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