Drink up!

July 22, 2006 1:32 PM
Bender of Futurama, drinking a large beer

Beers, shooters and mixers. I wonder what is it about alcohol that would make us hug a toilet bowl and swear that we would not drink again, and then do the same thing again the following week. Hangovers, vomitting and cleaning up cars and bedrooms, saying and doing things you don’t really mean, awkward morning-afters with a stranger lying next to you – are all these really fun? 😉

One of my better alcohol related stories occured on NYE 1998-1999. I was in Sydney hanging out at my cousin’s friend’s mansion (it was really huge though I don’t remember much of it, heh). Alcohol was free flowing and before I know it … I was queing up for the toilet close to the countdown. A girl sidled up to me. I smiled or at least I think I did and asked her for a cigarette. She reached down her cleavage and pulled one out. Wow.

Then the countdown came and she gave me a really big hug. After the hug I was still holding on to her, very inappropriately. My arm was hanging down her shoulder and my hand was conveniently somewhere soft and warm. And instinctively my hand moved on its own. I guess someone saw us because the girl was suddenly pulled away from me. I never got her name, not that I would have remembered it.

In hindsight, I was very lucky that the someone who saw us wasn’t the girl’s boyfriend. I would have been roughed up good. Instead I got messed up another way – hanging out in the toilet of a hotel room at the after-party (yeah great idea!), throwing up some more into a plastic bag on the ride home, and more during the night at my uncle’s house and then being nauseous the rest of the next day.

Ah fun times. And I still love to drink. Could this have something to do with the fact that my grandfather started giving me brandy at the age of 5 to help me sleep when I was sick? Ooh yeah. :mrgreen:

Alcohol, beers, shooters and me

13 thoughts on “Drink up!

  1. JJJ

    woohoo…a memeroble NYE nonetheless hey 😉

    I was given beer since I was a toddler (apparently), why? So that I wont get drink under the table by others easily when I grow up….lol

  2. piffles

    alcoholic yo. =D i only remember throwing up in public just once, in my whole entire life. *touch wood* and rambled off 4D when a friend was talking about numbers to buy. the 4D i gave struck a prize the next day.

  3. mooiness Post author

    JJJ: heheh we both had wise guardians growing up.

    Irene: yeahloh, puking is not fun. But we never really learn. 😉

    piffles: wah lau eh. Your powers of premonition is gained through drinks? Best.

  4. girlstar7

    I remember the first time I got properly drunk, when I was 17. it was at a high school party at a warehouse and most of my year level was there. it didn’t take much being an inexperienced drinker; maybe just a few bacardi breezers. anyway, the next thing I remember was spending the rest of the night throwing up; including on my friends new shoes, in the gutter outside the party, and in the back of my friend’s Mum’s car! I went to school on the Monday and everyone was saying, ‘god you were sooo drunk’. I’ve been drunk many times since then, but to this day, I still think that is the drunkest I’ve ever been!

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  6. bunnygoeszen

    Methinks we keep on doing it only because the pleasure derived from boozing is more than the subsequent suffering caused by the hangover. Personally, I stopped drinking so heavily when I had mild alcohol poisoning (read: pain more than pleasure).

    Ah the memory of me lying on the floor of the office bathroom, throwing up continuosly till my stomach was empty. And still, I just kept retching and retching. My colleagues had to lug me to the doc to get a jab to stop the stomach from heaving.

    Now, I only drink sissy drinks and if I do have anything stronger, I drink in moderation.

  7. bunnygoeszen

    Haha, no I wasn’t drinking in the office (though that’s been done sneakily before). This was the morning after. Don’t know why I didn’t call in sick. False sense of bravado I suppose.

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