The Science of a Pretty Face

July 23, 2006 3:38 PM

The next time you notice a pretty face, note the symmetry of it. Almost always, a pretty face is symmetrical. Also, a pretty face would have the following features:

  • Clear skin,
  • Large, widely spaced eyes,
  • Deeper, sunken eye area,
  • High nose,
  • High cheekbones, and
  • Full lips.

And if you know a little bit about cosmetics, you’d realise that there are products to address or enhance those aspects above if you are not born with those features:

  • Foundation for an even appearance of the skin,
  • Eye shadow and mascara for the appearance of larger and deeper set eyes,
  • Blush around the nose and under the cheekbones to emphasise them, and
  • Lipstick and lip liner to give the appearance of full and bigger lips.

And if you got the money and are so inclined, there’s also cosmetic surgery. But then hang on a minute, aren’t those the ideals of a pretty Caucasian face? What about non-Caucasians? As you’d notice from the following pictures, what constitutes a pretty face is almost universal across races.

Some of the photos have been airbrushed, and some of the faces may have undergone surgery but the principle still holds.

And this is why I appreciate beautiful women of all colours. Why limit yourself when the whole world is your smorgasboard? :mrgreen:

For more about the science of a pretty face, read Wikipedia’s entry on Physical Attractiveness.

Pretty female faces
Top row: Scarlett Johanson (American), Zhang ZhiYi (Chinese), Aishwarya Rai (Indian)
Middle row: Rihanna (Jamaican), Shakira (Colombian), Monica Belucci (Italian)
Bottom row: Anggun (Indonesian), Kathaleeya McIntosh (Thai), Penelope Cruz (Spanish)

7 thoughts on “The Science of a Pretty Face

  1. marina

    According to a documentary that I watched from BBC, “The human face“, the perfect face has a golden ratio of (1:1.1618) (Have you watched it before, Mooi?)

    For example, the length of the jaw to the length of the lips should be 1:1.1618 and the length of the upper part of the body compared to the lower part of the body should be of the same ratio too.

    Facinating stuff.

    Coincidentally, in the book “Confessions of a park avenue plastic surgeon”, the author, Cap Lesesne says that the symmetrical face isnt all hyped out to be because the brain doesnt sees that the face is all the same and doesnt find it interesting captivating or memorable enough to make an impact.

    Thus wearing accesories to break the symmetry is important to him.

    Anyway, one of the prettiest woman I’ve ever seen was this lady that served coffee in Rome one afternoon.

    She had the loveliest brown skin and full lips and big eyes and flowing hair … I wanted to say that she looked so beautiful but I was so shy ….

  2. girlstar7

    good to see lots of beauties of different nationalities! there is something captivating about a beautiful woman’s face. even though I am not sexually attracted to women, I was still entranced by those images. one of my favourites beauties is Charlize Theron. what do you think?

  3. mooiness Post author

    ian: a world of hotties. Heh.

    marina: I think I’ve seen that ratio mentioned before, either in an article that I’ve read or perhaps that doco you mentioned.

    Asymmetry to attract attention, interesting.

    girlstar7: Charlize IS hot. And for a while, I kept mixing her up with Ashley Judd. 😉

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