Korean Consumer Electronic Models

July 29, 2006 2:28 PM

The promotional human kind that is. And aren’t they lovely? Seriously don’t you think the models only detract from what they are meant to be promoting: the TVs, mobile phones, gadgets and computers?

Gizmodo has just compiled a list of what they considered to be Samsung’s top 10 product promo photos. I’m gonna spoil it for you by revealing their number one pick.

Samsung computer and promotions models

1. And our number one Samsung product model shot is of…some PCs or something. The one on the right is a looker, while the one on the left brazenly insults my manhood. Thanks lady, but the wife , my secretary, the kids, some lady at a bus stop, my mechanic, and grandma can handle that find on their own.

It’s not all about the prettiness of the women though, the comments that go along with the photos are quite humourous too. So go read the other entries on their top 10 list.

Since I’m being gratuitous and all, here’s another Korean product promo (also taken from Gizmodo). This one is for the LG Evdo Laptop.

LG Evdo Laptop and promotions models

And I believe this comment from another one of Gizmodo’s post about yet another Samsung product sums it up the best:

Seriously, after reading this website for a year I’m still pretty indifferent to plasma screens, 10MP digital cameras and high-end laptops but I have developed a thing for Asian women. Thanks Gizmodo, thanks a lot.

Happy ogling.

7 thoughts on “Korean Consumer Electronic Models

  1. jktdo

    Hahahah thanks! That site really was an eye opener, seeing that around 99% of those girls have probably gone under the knife to look that good. Of COURSE they’re wanting to demand as much show show time as possible. And thanks for the pic of the singer “Rain” as the male model … I always had a thing for him 😉

  2. ront

    i think that’s the best those brands like Samsung and Lg can come up with……am going through a bad warranty claim for a brand new 1 month old Samsung product….it just confirmed my lack of confidence in korean-made stuffs…..or korean technology, whichever applies.


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