What’s the deal with Daphne Teo?

August 2, 2006 6:48 PM
Daphne Teo and friend

You know, it’s been more than half a year since everyone in the Singaporean blogosphere got hot and bothered by Daphne Teo and there are still people looking for her on Google. How I know? Because they all land on my blog. And the “news” about her back then wasn’t all that interesting anyway.

Why are you all still so interested about her? She’s just another pleasant looking upper-middle class girl who likes to shop and blog about it. You know how foods such as popcorn and french fries are empty-calory foods? Her blog is empty calories for the brain. Tasty yes but no nourishment whatsoever.

I know most of you searchers are looking for the address of her new *NEW* blog. I’ve actually found it a while ago. Why and how? Because of you all landing on my pages, it piqued my curiousity again – what has she done now? Nothing new if you want to know because guess what? She’s still the same-old which begs the question again: why are you still looking up stuff about her?!

The last time I wrote about Daphne was in February, “Less Tammy More Daphne“. And all the clues are there on that post to find her new blog. If you need me to spell it out for you, here it is:

  • her boyfriend’s blog has a link to her Xanga blog. And on that Xanga blog, she lists her new LiveJournal blog.

So here’s the URL: http://kungpaokitty.livejournal.com

Simple really. I know you all think me to be quite the master of this here blogosphere *ahem* but people, use your blain, use your blain! And don’t go flaming her either because she might just close her current blog again and we’d be right back where we started again. Which if you think about it, wasn’t a bad place to begin with. 😉

Collage of Daphne Teo

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21 thoughts on “What’s the deal with Daphne Teo?

  1. CW

    I just completely ignored the whole hoo-ha. I’ve never even looked at her blog 🙂 And I don’t get the point of flaming some stranger who just writes about her life, even if I think it’s boring, or whatever. She can say the same about mine, and where does that leave us?

  2. sourrain

    can you believe the bags!!!????

    I think the only time i went to her blog was when you told me…and then that’s it. I don’t even remember/know what was the hoohah about..

    I mean,she’s rich,she’s pretty, she’s got a kwai lou bf, she studies in the states.

    Very controversial is it?

  3. mooiness Post author

    CW: i think it all started with pettiness and then accusations that she was faking it. Women are their own worst enemies sometime. 😉

    sourrain: she does have *alot* of bags, and shoes, and clothes …

    I don’t know why ppl got so worked up with her, she never spoke ill of anyone or being inflammatory. Unlike some other female blogger. Heh.

    Cynthia: this is not about whether she’s pretty or not, but rather it’s about the emptiness of the whole controversy. No substance to it at all.

    Herman: heh. Glad you approve.

    Lupin: hahah. I concur.

  4. LupinTan

    Thanks Bro, I almost forgot about this babe when she close her blog. Aeons ago. Thanks again.
    Better her than you-kno-who of Singapore.


    Dawn or Daphne. Hmmmmmmm
    One is overly Plastic, one is overly Princess, both are O.P. Hahahah. But both equally edible. hahaha.

  5. V

    hahaha these silly singaporean bloggers. i do think its amazing how xiaxue’s livelihood is garnered thru the sheer existence of her blog.

    anyway about dear ms teo- i think she’s kinda scary looking. it’s so interesting how she’s so popular…tidbit for ya,i know the guy she stayed with when she was in berkeley, CA and i happened to put up a (completely unrelated) picture of her friend and i having dinner or roaming san francisco or something, next day i got emails from a whole bunch of ppl asking if i knew daphne and how come i knew her friend…and i was like, jayzus..singaporeans need something else to occupy themselves with ;P

    p/s: to whoever, the boyfriend wasnt kweilou he was half asian half dutch or something, and he isnt the boyfriend anymore. sigh, i admit! i read too! i love the bags! hahahahaha

  6. Rob

    she is purdee. maybe the shallowness is just her online persona. then again maybe she is the singaporean clone of Cher from clueless. is it just me because somehow I’ve met proportionally more Singaporean girls that aspire to be Cher than any other nationality.
    she’s still infinitely better than some more imfamous Singaporean exports to the US (ie Grace Quek).

  7. mooiness Post author

    V: thanks for the update!

    Rob: true that.

    Leonard: if you had something to buy from her blog, I sure hope it’d be for your gf. 😉

    damion: erm, read through the previous related posts dude. Heh.

  8. zzz

    haha yea she does look a lil bit like a thai tranny doesn’t she? especially with her new nose!

    well, the new controversy i heard from my female friends is that she posted pics up of her bruised n swollen nose claiming that she “fell and broke it”. But apparently ppl caught her bluff and pointed out that it’s obviously post-surgery, not a broken nose. She subsequently removed those photos.
    Later she also removed more new photos of her out clubbing when more ppl questioned her why she suddenly looked so damn different.

    haha i just find the whole bulls*** story about hitting her nose against the basin very lame n funny. she’s always looked a lil scary/evil to me. And she definitely needs an ego check, always bragging about herself!

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  10. Demi

    I don’t understand how these people blog and get famous. They got no talent whatsover, and they teach nothing in their posts. Its like reality tv. Entertaining, but makes no sense. They just love the attention…

  11. mooiness Post author

    Demi: good point and pretty female bloggers can get away with it better than others. Which is like how society operates in general really – an attractive physical appearance can and does create more opportunities for those who are lucky to have them.


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