Why I like white girls

August 6, 2006 2:12 PM

3 reasons:

  1. Blonde hair is like gold. I like gold. Especially when they are shiny. So purdy.
  2. Their pinkish white skin reminds me of milk. I like milk. Though I’m lactose intolerant. Oh the irony.
  3. A petite white girl has an Asian girl height but still has a white girl’s curves. Woo yeah.

There, happy? I like looking at white girls but I also like looking at all kinds of other girls. Next time I shall tell you why I like Asian girls.

Blonde hair

Aside: At Metro last night, I bumped into a bartender I know (see TGIF), except she’s no longer a bartender. And yeah she’s white, blonde and petite. We had a nice long chat and at the end of it she gave me her number. :mrgreen:

Double Aside: I had the idea for this post in a flash of inspiration so I quickly tapped out the gist of it on my phone and saved it as a draft message, whilst still in the club.

That’s right baby, I’m a hardcore blogger.

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27 thoughts on “Why I like white girls

  1. girlstar7

    nice to see that you like white girls, as I am one myself haha 🙂 I am also a petite white girl with curves, although I am not blonde… maybe you like white girls because they are differnet. I know numerous white guys who have a big fetish for asian girls. variety is the spice of life…

  2. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: heh, I like all girls! But about liking something that’s different, you do have a point. Although in the case of white-asian pairings, you tend to see more White male + Asian female couples than the other way around. Which is why my kinda situation is even more “newsworthy”. Hah!

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  7. Nami

    lmao yes I know xD

    I do find it interesting that there r not many asian male/white female couples out there, and that such an attraction is rare O_o

    oh well…
    that’s where people like me come in and change that!!! HA!

  8. deevan

    White girls are very attractive, especially blondes but also others with different hair colours. Variety is the spice of life, and white girls have a lot of it–not only hair colour but also their eyes (blue, green, hazel, brown etc).
    And yeah I like that creamy white skin tone and golden hair in the blondes. I even find they have a nice scent, but maybe it was accentuated by the perfume that got to me 🙂
    You will find that attractive white women are universally liked when compared to other women of racial background who are deemed attractive in their own cultures. They get noticed in countries over the world , like Japan, Italy, various parts of Africa. Yeah even in Sweden and other Scandanavian cities where they are more profuse— If you have a life, live it as a white woman!

  9. mooiness Post author

    deevan: the reason why Western beauty is accepted as a global standard is probably due to the proliferation of Western media and culture throughout the rest of the world.

    But yeah I agree with most of what you said. Though don’t forget that the world itself is a big spicy mix of colours and cultures. 🙂

  10. deevan

    mooiness, yes you are perfectly correct about the fact that Western media and culture advance the appeal of the white woman throughout the world (light skin tone, and advocating caucasian features such as blonde hair, blue eyes etc).
    But this would only have an effect on non-Western societies if there was an inherent appeal or attractiveness towards white women. You can’t just say that the mass media and advertising is responsible for the fascination and preference for white women. The appeal, it is inherently in people of most cultural backgrounds.
    Yes the world is a spicy mix of colours and cultures and all the better for it! But this in no way minimizes the appeal for that blonde or brunette or redhead. In fact it probably enhances it.
    Now to go and find that gorgeous anglo girlfriend! Mooiness seems to have been quite successful 🙂

  11. Max

    I wasn’t aware that white girls had curves. more into Latina, African and Asian women personally. Love the tan to dark skin the thick dark hair and exotic features. YUM


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