Not a phone call but an SMS

August 11, 2006 6:27 PM

I didn’t get a phone call back but she SMS’d me this afternoon.

Have 2 study. 🙁 but will b out and about sat afta.

And my reply:

Alrighty, cya about.

Amateur psychologists and wannabe relationship consultants can analyse that to their hearts’ content.

What’s my next move? I don’t have a next move. The weekend is a blank slate once more and I’m back in circulation. Man, this reminds me of the last time. Though this time didn’t progress as far, it’s deja vu all the same.

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10 thoughts on “Not a phone call but an SMS

  1. themole

    Well don’t fret (I know you don’t and you won’t!). If her answer’s negative, then just take it at face value. No need to analyse it at all. You have lost absolutely nothing. Perhaps she was the one to have over-analysed your intention, hence the negative reply 😉
    Anyway, life goes on. It’s weekend once again. Go out and feast your eyes on all the hot chicks in town 😀

  2. Leonard

    well, it isn’t a bad reply afterall.

    dun disturb her revision. when her test or whatsoever is done, ask her out for dinner or a show *although boring* and see how it goes.

    might have a phone chat too…

    if everythig goes well and she willing to go for a second date…tah-la…maybe it will work out..

    for the time being, dun think too much..there’s lots of trees around!

  3. mooiness Post author

    Hahah err I have no plans to either call or msg again to be honest. I’m not a chaser, never will be. If she msgs or calls back again, then things may change. As things stand, I’m back in circulation mode.

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  5. DaveLu

    oh bro…
    i know i’m about a year late, but at that time…
    you should have just called..


    Life’s biggest bitch is always about what you didn’t do.. so there.

    case in point…

    i met up with this chick,can’t remember the name of the place.(but its along chapel street)
    i was by the bar, she was by the bar. i intorduced myself, she won’t let me buy her a drink but she had frens around so we(my frens) hung out with them, come early morning, we went over to this 24hrs italian bistro, got her number and i went home…

    man, i tell you. it was the best 8 hours of my clubbing life.

    afterwards, i didn’t call her, didn’t have the guts to. chicken shit huh. yeah…

    that somehow left a big scar in me, so now, no matter what, i don’t leave things to chance…(especially when it comes to chicks..:) )

  6. mooiness Post author

    DaveLu: haha better late than never! thanks for your comment! I did call two more times after this but she never picked up. I take that as a very big hint not to call again. 😉

    So I understand what you mean by not taking the chance. In your situation, I would have called at least once just to see if there’s anything there. But we all learn from our mistakes! Hope the women situation is working out better for you now.


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