Are you scared of flying yet?

August 12, 2006 12:07 PM

So you should now know that almost 30 people were arrested in England for suspicion of plotting to blow up planes leaving the UK for the USA. News links here to refresh your memories:

And more news links everywhere than I’d care to link. Check them at your usual online news outlets.

The implication is that things that we take for granted as allowed to be carried onto a plane are now banned in the UK and the USA. Major airports around the world may follow suit. Things like laptops, iPods, water bottles, contact-lenses containers and the list goes on. The new threat is a type of liquid explosive which can be detonated using any form of electrical charge.

But if the threat is a liquid explosive, do you just allow big bins at airport terminals for travellers to throw their contraband into? (via BoingBoing) Does that seem like a wise idea to anyone? How do you logically deal with such a threat?

Is the response appropriate to the threat? Where do you draw the line? Terrorism is a reality and there will always be a threat of catastrophe. Do we strip every airline passenger naked and inject them with tranquilisers for the duration of the flight? Is that what it would take to make us feel safe again?

ZeFrank has nicely summarised it.

The strategy to terrorism is to use isolated acts of violence to instill fear and confusion into the population at large. A small number of people can incapacitate a society by leveraging our inability to understand risk.

He also noted that many other places in the world have to come to terms with terrorism on a daily basis and yet,

These societies have pulled together and not allow isolated acts of violence to tear at their fibre.

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9 thoughts on “Are you scared of flying yet?

  1. LupinTan

    Well, next time we must as well just DHL our stuff to the destination and travel with just a passport.

    Stupid Terrorist!!!

    I just hope I’m rich enough in the future to own a learjet. Muahahahaha.

  2. Rob

    wouldn’t hold your breath. these “intelligence agencies” have a pretty bad track record. from independent news sources from the UK, they’re highly likely to end up with egg on their faces once again. MI5 were pressured into making premature arrests without without yet gathering enough evidence. so even if they were real terrorists they’ll be walking free.
    at least they didn’t shoot any innocent civilians this time.

  3. girlstar7

    another day, another terrorist attack (or attempt in this case). it just seems like over the last few years there has just been terrorist attack, after terrorist attack. sometimes I wonder what has come to this world, where terrorist attacks are all too common. I guess there has always been evil and there have always been wars though, so in a way nothing has changed. but yeah…it is beyond me how anyone could want to do a thing like this…their patterns of thinking must be so differnet from you and me…

  4. Otto

    I fetched my friend to the airport when this happened. The police swarmed the entire airport, which included more than 200 metres of its entrance at 5:30 a.m. when we arrived at Stansted. The news of the suspects were all over the radio and for the two days, BBC kept repeating news about the 24 terror suspects, detained for the next few days (up to 28 days, I think) to collaborate with the police.

    Flying is getting very stressful these days. I’m flying on Sept 26th and I’ve developed new wrinkles thinking about it.

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