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September 7, 2006 7:45 PM

Personal blogging, the faces of Mooi a.k.a Marcus Ooi

The vast majority of the blogs that I have on my Bloglines are personal blogs. The remainders are tech and blogging related, natch. I like reading personal blogs because I like to see how people tick and what they see, hear and feel over in their part of the planet. When I read their personal blogs, I’m allowed a little vicarious window through which I can imagine myself living.

However, there’s only so much of the mundane daily minutae that any of us can sift through. If you remove the names of people and places, you’d realise that most of what happens to us is pretty common. You can expand the old adage: same shit, different day, different place and different person. It takes skill to squeeze something interesting out of the mundane. It takes skill to convince your readers that what you are telling them are truly unique experiences that they themselves have never experienced before.

So what makes an experience truly unique? To give a rudimentary example: everyone goes to the doctor now and again. You can be really boring and tell how you drove there, how the receptionist took your name, how you browsed through the old magazines in the waiting room, and then how it was your turn to see the doctor.

I got bored just from writing that. If you are bored from writing something, chances are that your readers are gonna nod off too. Instead, write about how you felt about getting sick, how it prevented you from going on the hot date that you had been planning for ages, how you saw something really freaky in an old National Geographic magazine, how the doctor had nose hair that you kept staring at, how a hot nurse caused you to have an inappropriate (albeit natural) reaction. You get the idea.

It helps with the blogging if your life is fantastic and exhilirating all the time but what makes an experience unique is your thoughts and feelings about it.

Do you agree and have I practiced what I preached? You tell me. 🙂

Inspired by: Best Blogs Editorial: Personal Blogs, and YC’s great recap of her recent trip to Bangkok.

10 thoughts on “Personal blogs and how I write mine

  1. mooiness Post author

    koyuuken: ultimately you would write in the way that is most comfortable to you. And if you enjoy writing it, your readers can definitely sense it.

    ian: writer’s block happens. Your recent escapades with the chance meeting on a bus leading to a blind date were very interesting to read.

    herman: wahaha. I’m sure you can write a story or two about them too.

  2. blank

    I used to find your blog writings interesting but I must say for awhile now, it has been lacking a certain “oomph”. You seem to be preaching too much and telling your readers what to do/write/blog, it has lost that personal touch that you talk so much about. Now ordinarily I wouldnt comment, as the rule goes, if you dont like what you read, then move on and just dont read it, but since you asked, I hope you appreciate this sincere comment.

  3. mooiness Post author

    Otto: true that but only if the details move the story along. 🙂

    Blank: appreciate your comments. I didn’t intend to preach, only to share what I thought were best practices in hooking in readers.

    As for the lack of oomph, I guess as writers/bloggers we go through periods of mediocrity. One blog post a day everyday does tax the creativity a little. 😉

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