“Specials” by Scott Westerfeld

September 28, 2006 8:43 PM

Specials, a novel by Scott Westerfeld in the Uglies trilogy

Currently reading “Specials”, the third book of the “Uglies” series. I’m totally absorbed by it and ironically enough, it’s not alleviating my current writer’s block. You’d think an interesting story would stimulate my mind and carry it off into a wild new direction or something. But nope, freaking nada.

And after browsing through Scott Westerfeld’s blog, I’m tempted to pick up his other series about modern day vampires who become infected via a sexually-transmitted disease (!). Check out the awesome covers for Australia. I’m a book marketer’s wet dream: I do judge a book by its cover. 😀

The Last Days, and Peeps - novels by Scott Westerfeld

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  1. mooiness Post author

    v.u.: from what I read on Scott’s blog, a book’s reproduction rights can be sold on a per country basis, or to specific publishing houses.
    And sometimes different arms of the same publishing company (like in this case) will commission different covers.


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