2006 AFL Grand Final – West Coast Eagles for the win!

September 30, 2006 3:19 PM

West Coast Eagle's Dean Cox
Photo: Pat Scala

The West Coast Eagles held on for a one-point win over the Sydney Swans.



Went out to buy some burgers and there were hordes of kids running along the street in the Eagles’ colours, waving banners and waving at passerbys and motorists. Lots of honking and shouting – I honked at a bunch of them for about 5 minutes up the road leading to my house. Heh. And they are still at it. 🙂

5 thoughts on “2006 AFL Grand Final – West Coast Eagles for the win!

  1. virgin_undergrad

    I am newbie to Footy, but the match sure look fucking exciting to me. Quinten Lynch has found a new fan in me, the throwing of the glove was so ‘fucking cool’, not to mention his ‘fucking awesome’ speech, uncensored in front of national TV haha!

    You reckon there’s gonna be a trophy procession when the team returns to perth?

  2. herman

    Just now, when we went out in vic park, there’s bunch of dudes took off his pants showing off his naked ass to another group while shaking his money maker.

    It was an ecstactic scene on the streets.


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