Is blogging cramping my “real life”?

October 2, 2006 7:31 PM

That blogging is addictive is a well-known fact, especially to other bloggers. That it takes a good part of each day, not just to write and compose a post, but also reading other blogs is also common knowledge. So I’m not talking about that. Let’s just accept for the sake of my argument that I’ve already allocated a chunk of my daily existence to this little activity.

Even though a slot has been made available for blogging, I feel that it is also starting to enroach into my other “real life” activities. Specifically the enjoyment of them. Bloggers would know what I mean by this. You walk around, seeing, hearing and feeling things, tasting food, and living life basically. But you have this incessant thought while all of it is happening: can I and how do I blog this?

Using Saturday night’s outing at Godskitchen as an example, I wish there were two of me. One who was there purely to party, and one who was there as a blogger. The partying guy would just let loose and dance and socialise with abandon. The blogger guy would seek out cool camera angles, and figuring the good spots for taking video clips. Oh and the blogger would carry two separate cameras: each dedicated to video and photos respectively, and they’d be higher end stuff.


I’m sure the official photographers had fun on the night but they were there doing their job so they can be completely concentrated. I take photos and video clips because it’s my hobby, but I’m there to have fun first and foremost. And I think because of both things fighting for attention inside my head, I think I only achieved 85% of both activities on the night.

Yeah I had fun, but I’m thinking I could have had *more* fun if I wasn’t thinking about blogging it. It is fitting then that the batteries for my camera ran out with 2 hours left in the night, to let the music take over me completely.


The other extreme is the guy selling kebabs upstairs. Even if he liked dance music and raving, it must kill him to be behind the counter and not out there with the rest of us going crazy on the dance floor. So I can’t imagine him enjoying his job that much, even though it’s his chosen livelihood (it’s a separately run business from the club).


How cool is it then to be a DJ, doing what you actually love and getting paid for it?

I wonder if I was paid for my blogging, and paid to cover events like these, would I be less concerned about how it’s stopping me from completely enjoying myself? I don’t know really. I’m sure I would still have the same desire and that is to have two of me. But I’d probably wouldn’t complain as much. Oh and I would so totally dig the more expensive and specialised cameras that I could afford if I was a professional blogger. 😉

13 thoughts on “Is blogging cramping my “real life”?

  1. hobart

    well…you could perceive the matter from an alternative angle…you do need to enjoy something BEFORE you can blog about it.otherwise,its contents are simply undeserving of attention.hence,it would seem completely paradoxical to claim that blogging cramps your life when it somewhat enriches instead.

    and yeah…it would be superb to own those specialised cameras and gizmos.

  2. sourrain

    I know what you mean.There are times where I keep thinking about blogging this and blogging that and face everyone else laughing their heads off me taking yet another picture of a french fry.

    This is why sometimes I just don’t/forget to take pictures and let myself go.Its exhilirating – and then I’ll regret not snapping any pictures.Pictures that I snapped I don’t regret though – its the snapshot in time act that I love

    Maybe deep inside we all want to be professional bloggers:).

  3. mooiness Post author

    herman: I don’t envy their popularity, but more that they are earning money doing what they love. 😉

    sourrain: hee hee, not only taking a picture of a french-fry but it must be at a “cool” angle as well. Hahah!

    Yeah when I don’t think about blogging, I can just totally let go and be in the moment. But like you’ve said, sometimes it’s also good if a moment was blogged about and can be reminisced upon later.

  4. girlstar7

    Yeah, I would love to be a DJ too haha. I have had a fling with a DJ, plus my bf and his flat mate have both done a little bit of DJing. the equipment is so cool, and I could just spend hours going thru the tracks, trying to pick out all my favourite songs!
    btw there’s a new best of Ministry of Sound CD, I haven’t got it, but listened and it’s not bad. have u got it? I have got Sessions Three though, the next most recent and it’s pretty good.

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: girls and DJs .. I swear, they got it good. 😉

    I haven’t got the latest best of, “The Annual” right? The tour is end of this month. I don’t know if I’m going yet.

    I’ve got Sessions 3 – that is quite good. I went to that tour a couple of months ago too.

    House and trance are my favourite genres. 🙂

  6. girlstar7

    I was actually talking about a “best of” that includes 3 CDs and is the best of from the last, say, 8 years or so (not sure exactly how long but it dates back to the late 90s). It’s got tracks like Moloko “bring it back” etc. but yeah, will definitely get this years “annual” as well, get it every year! also love house and trance…fav track of the moment is the first one on the second CD of sessions three ‘all this love’ I think it’s called 🙂

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  8. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: ah you talking about the “Classics” CD. Yeah I saw it advertised, I might check it out on the weekend.

    Ah I know “All This Love”. My fav track on Sessions 3 is “Why” by Supermode. 🙂

  9. Lyn

    LOL understand wat u mean abt the kept thinking about ‘how to blog this bit’…^_^

    but then, i think the Blogger Addict Syndrome have in a way makes me noticed a lot more little small interesting things in life that i probably would have just passed that by if i haven’t be looking for things to blog…

    so, pros & cons i guess 🙂

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