Mid-Autumn Festival: Mooncakes and Popiah

October 6, 2006 11:55 PM


Earlier tonight, I went over to my parents’ place for the Mid-Autumn Festival or “Mooncake Festival” where we had popiah, and mooncakes and black glutinous rice pudding (pulut hitam) for dessert.

popiah-spread popiah
me-popiah3 beekhim-reucas-popiah
yvonne-paul-popiah paul-dad-yvonne-popiah

After popiah, it was time for some mooncakes.

mom-mooncake-snoop mom-cutting-mooncake
mooncake beekim-hunye-mooncake

After the mooncake, we had some pulut-hitam whilst catching up with each other.

dad-black-glutinous-rice marvin-reucas

My cousin Hun-Ye made it very hard for me to take a good photo of her – she won’t stay still! These two shots below will have to do. She will be getting married March next year – congratulations again! 🙂

hunye-popiah hunye-glamour-pose2

After the mooncake, it was time to take out the lanterns!

yvonne-lantern yvonne-snoop-mom-lantern
uncle-alex-yvonne-lighting-lanterns yvonne-lighting-lantern

The complete set of photos are in my Flickr set. I shot some videos too which I’ll edit and post up tomorrow.

Happy Mooncake Festival to those of you who celebrate it (or want to anyway). Did you have fun with your lanterns? 🙂

21 thoughts on “Mid-Autumn Festival: Mooncakes and Popiah

  1. JJJ

    ????? from me…(or ????? from you)…:P

    I am too lazy to go get mooncake, so got a moon cake-sized-daifuku (??)instead…close enough is good enough right??!! …teehee…laziness to the max…

  2. mooiness Post author

    JJJ: well you are in Japan so you have to make do. Good enough!

    Yvonne: har?! That must be some damn good spinach. Heh.

    Ian: yes yes, the rich creamy lotus and yolk sure hits the spot. It’s all good! 😀

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  4. Eunice

    I’m homesick…….Actually not too much of a homesick, “mum”sick more like it. I find the mooncake here isnt that nice. Still prefer those in Malaysia. Love RedBean flavour.

  5. mooiness Post author

    herman: that sounds cool man!

    Eunice: the mooncakes that we had were from Malaysia. You can buy them in the Chinese shops.

    Lupin: yeah I read about the haze. Year in and year out, and the Indonesians still don’t crack down harder on these offenders.

    damion: sorry to hear that. Get well soon!

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  7. An

    too old for lanterns liao lah… where got celebration nowadays. At most eat mooncake only.. sigh… =(

    No candles, no lanterns, no gatherings, no playgrounds… the end of childhood… =(

  8. sourrain

    mooncake had contributed towards my expanding muffintop, so I dont like mooncake now (after scoffing down a whole lotus paste two egg yolk mooncake).

    I like Roo..non-fat


    One day he will read your blogs. And he will wonder who is this crazy person scoffing down mooncakes but thinking he is delicious.

    And he will think you crazy for having a mad stalker

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