October 9, 2006 7:33 PM

So did you know that Google owns a company called ““? Think MySpace or Friendster with your mobile phone – it has a similar friends-of-friends concept but with a twist.

The whole idea is very innovative and here’s how it works:

  1. You “check in” by sending a text message to the system.
  2. Your designated friends would get a message saying where you are and when.
  3. Friends of friends would get a similar message if they are within 10 blocks of your location, and so would you about them.
  4. People that you designate as “crushes” would get a message if they check in within 10 blocks of your location and you will also be notified of their presence.

I can see how this can be useful. Say you are bored at a bar or a club and you broadcast to your friends, in the hope that a few might end up joining you. If a friend of a friend is nearby, then you can even go over and say hello. If a crush of yours in the vicinity, even better.

The tricky part is to really make sure that your “friends” are really your friends, unlike MySpace or Friendster where “friends” really don’t mean anything at all sometimes. However, a friend of your friend may not be your friend at all and you really don’t want them to know where you are and vice-versa. Have no fear, because you can easily block messages to and from a particular person. And the best part? It’s free – you only pay for the text messages you send to the system.

Where is it available? Only in 22 cities in the USA. So even if you are intrigued by the possibilities like I am, you can’t try it unless you live in those 22 cities. But it sure is an interesting social experiment. 🙂

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  1. sourrain

    not like as if it’s relevant to me,but I LIKE!

    excellent hookup idea.would’ve been extremely useful for me if I was still back in KL – just to stalk people on fridays and saturdays. There had been numerous times when people say they are only ‘around the corner’ but only appear 2 hours later.


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