Embracing my hairline

October 13, 2006 8:04 PM

My hairline that looks like it's receding

My hairline may look like it’s receding but I’ve had it since I was 25. I think I noticed it starting to recede gradually when I was 20? For a while I thought I was going bald and I was cursing: nooooo, let me snag a hot chick first, then you can have my hair! But then it stopped and it hasn’t receded ever since. Or at least I hope so.

They say that male pattern baldness is inherited from the mother’s side. So I was relieved at first, because no one on my mother’s side of the family is balding. But you can inherit balding from the paternal side too. My dad is bald. So there goes my wishful thinking.

I am thinking that I may have five years left in having my current hairline. If I start getting a thin patch, I’ve decided to shave it all off. And in winter, I’d wear a beanie all the time.

You can’t fight genetics man. So I might as well go with it. :mrgreen:

14 thoughts on “Embracing my hairline

  1. sourrain

    methinks you should use the tonic shiet and rub it all in your scalp..apaprently prevents any further losses

    agreed with the loss in the centre.that’s even worse..like you permanently wearing skullcap

  2. rob

    you definitely can get balding from the paternal side. my uncle’s family (dad’s sister’s husband) men were all pretty bald by their mid 20s. yours aint that noticable.
    Apparently means you’ve got a high testosterone (sp?) levels.
    my vote is if it gets noticable, go the Jordan. it looks kinda tough and cool.

  3. hobart

    hmm…can’t fight genetics? as a stubborn biomedical student , i can only beg to differ . you never know . before your hair line recedes anymore , we might have come up with a miracle cure…but when all else fails , yeah…just shave and act like its the trend nowadays .

  4. jl

    That’s the best attitude – just let it be. (Guys can get away with shaving their heads, it’s not so easy for women – i’ve seen quite a few of them with female pattern baldness around the place recently.) When the time comes, you’ll know what to do.

  5. mooiness Post author

    MagC: yes, having an “M” is better than an “O” but that inevitably will happen too. Oh well.

    sourrain: I don’t have much faith in tonics – my dad tried them too. Hahah skull caps, I think I’d rather do REAL skull caps than leave a gap in the middle.

    Rob: am already set to do the Jordan. 😀

    hobart: well we can only stay optimistic. Heh.

    JL: yeah it is harder for women. How would most deal with it? Wigs?

  6. Yvonne

    Personally, I find shaved heads worse than someone who just embraces their hairlines (M or O!).

    Of course, if I started balding or found myself with alopecia, I wouldn’t say no to wigs :/ Hypocrisy is a beautiful thing 😀

  7. yanzzz

    ok those pics are so “BEAUTIFUL ”
    make sure u keep those pics welll
    scully 5 yrs down the road .. u miss tat look ..
    then u can take it out and recap and recall ur memory .. ..
    but think on the other side .. some women prefer bald guys ..

  8. mooiness Post author

    Yvonne: An “M” is easier to embrace than an “O”. And there’s nothing wrong with choosing a hairstyle that works with the reality of balding. 😉

    Yanzzz: “some women prefer bald guys”. I shall keep that in mind. Heh.


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