My first girlfriend and my first breakup

October 18, 2006 7:50 PM

The Beginning:

  • Met her in the general purpose computing lab of the Commerce faculty.
  • I had overheard her having computer problems, so I helped.
  • Small talk and flirting ensued.
  • Bumped into her a few times at the cafeteria. More flirting.
  • She told a mutual friend she liked me. Mutual friend then put into place a series of events and coincidences to push us together more often.
  • Hooked up officially in a nightclub.
  • Woke up next morning – “Wow I have a girlfriend!”

The Good:

  • She was more experienced. She taught me “a lot”.
  • Got along with my friends.
  • Wow, my first girlfriend!

The Bad:

  • Got along too well with my friends. My female friends said to me, “Your girlfriend is creeping me out. She’s trying too hard to be my friend.”
  • Jealous and possesive. “Who was that you just talked to? How long have you known her? What did you talk about?”
  • Suspicious. Went through my stuff like it was normal. Once took out a letter from inside my zipped-up bag and said, “Who’s this girl who wrote you this letter?”
  • Tried to make me jealous.

The Breakup:

*sunny day sitting by the river*

Her: What are you thinking?
Me: Nothing.
Her: We promised to be honest with each other.
Me: Yeah I know.
Her: So what are you thinking?
Me: Really, nothing.
Her: You have to be thinking something.
Me: Nothing. My mind is blank!
Her: Come on, tell me.
Me: Ok you really want to know what I think?!

*famous last words*

Moral of the story: when your boyfriend tells you that he’s not thinking anything, don’t push it.

I’m glad she made it easier for me on the day though. I didn’t even have to plan the breakup! Woohoo!

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23 thoughts on “My first girlfriend and my first breakup

  1. yanZzz

    hmmm old is this history of urs ??
    woman being jealous guys shld be happy rite ? isnt it ? meaning they are been treasured by the other party ?

    and true .. nv push it .. hahaha

  2. V

    i read this somewhere, in cosmo maybe:

    after a great romp in the sack, a girl asked a guy what he was thinking assuming he was thinking about her, or the fantastic sex they had just had or at least some fantasy related to sex. he said he was thinking of nothing. she asked again this time obssessed that he was thinking about someone else–the girl at the grocery store with the big boobs, or that girl from work who wears too short skirts…u know? he said nothing again. then she was really annoyed and started yelling at him (i feel so sorry for him, he was in post-orgasmic haze, trying to calm down a beating heart and raging member and can barely think straight and le girlfriend is yelling things at him. ) so he finally truthfull replied, “Honey im thinking of grilled cheese sandwhiches.”

    LOL, i thought it was a good illustration of what ive have learned that most of the time guys really arent thinking of anything. at all. or if anything simply, food, or football or video games. haha.

  3. mooiness Post author

    ront: 94, in my uni days.

    lovebunnie: it IS hilarious. and in a way, she did ask for it. Hahaha!

    yh: remember it!

    Cynthia: only 6 weeks. and I’m not worried about my “chances” lah. Do I sound depressed to you?

    yanzzz: a little bit of jealousy is good but not until it consumes the other person completely.

    herman: “You can’t handle the TRUTH!”

    V: wahaha. See? That’s what I’m talking about. Guys are simple creatures.

  4. girlstar7

    I never ask a guy what he is thinking for that reason! and I have had boyfriends ask me what I’m thinking and it kind of shits me too. half the time the answer would be nothing much. or if I could tell them what I’m really thinking it could be something like: well just wonderin what I am goign to do this weekend and whether I should buy that new pair of shoes and oh shit I need to pay my phone bill and what have I got to do at work tomorrow blah blah blah. I mean I’m sure my bf really wouldn’t WANT to know that kinda stuff, it ain’t that interesting!
    great post though, you never forget your first proper boyfriend or girlfriend. or any firsts in that department: first date, first kiss, first time. lucky you were the one that broke up with her and not the other way around. nobody ever forgets the first time they get their heart-broken or gets dumped cause my god, the pain!! you think you’ll never get over it. but hey, you do. maybe that’s another good idea for a post…?? just a thought…

  5. girlstar7

    Technically I’ve never been dumped either, but you would say I’ve definitely been screwed over. And I’ve definitely been in love and got my heart broken, it’s not too much fun. But yeah, being rejected I guess is a kind of similar feeling to being dumped. I’ts funny, once the pain goes away, it actually kinda makes a good story (I’ve got some good heart-break and getting screwed over stories). And you definitely learn from these things. so yeah….maybe a story about heart break could be interesting….??

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