Idiots who e-mail without thinking

October 19, 2006 7:04 PM
Email flames

Step away from the keyboard. Nice and easy.

It constantly amazes me that there are still people who do not know the consequences of having an unprofessional or nasty conversation over email. Unlike words from our mouths, emails along with voicemails and text messages do not just dissapear. They get passed around, and around, and around …

Past examples include the Sydney secretaries who argued over a sandwich, the London banker who boasted to his colleagues about his sex life in Korea, and of course Claire Swire who though that “cum was yum”.

The latest example of email stupidity involves a 24 year old lawyer from Boston who turns down a job offer which she had verbally accepted, in the most ungracious way possible.

Dear Attorney Korman,

At this time, I am writing to inform you that I will not be accepting your offer.

After careful consideration, I have come to the conclusion that the pay you are offering would neither fulfill me nor support the lifestyle I am living in light of the work I would be doing for you. I have decided instead to work for myself, and reap 100% of the benefits that I sow.

Thank you for the interviews.

Dianna L. Abdala, Esq.

The email exchange between her and her would-be employer is pure gold. Read the rest of it at Gawker.

Via the comments at Gawker, I stumbled onto another example of how not to use modern communication. This one involves a guy who went on a date with a woman, paid for dinner, and then suspected that the date didn’t go too well at all so he decided to email the woman asking her to pay for her half! Heh. Classic.

From: Darren Sherman
Date: Jun 19, 2006 8:48 PM
Subject: Date

Sorry things didn’t work out. I guess you changed your
Here is my address for the $50 bucks:
East Street, Apt. 504
NY NY 10028
Take care,

The rest of it, including sounds clips of the voice-mails that he left on the woman’s answering machine is also pure comedic GOLD. You can find this little story over at PR. Differently.

6 thoughts on “Idiots who e-mail without thinking

  1. Eunice

    I wonder if she herself so stupidly forwarded to other people or the Attorney Korman did. Oh well, she’s so full of herself.
    I had a similar story happened at work. A colleague was being transfer from 1 team to another, she’s not too happy about it. She accidentally sent the email which meant for the BF to the whole department (Including all managers). In the mail, she clearly stated that she’s not happy with the new Team Leader.
    All of us were stunned!! Felt so sorry for her though..What a bad way to start..

  2. mooiness Post author

    Eunice: the story somehow got leaked to ABC News in America – most likely done so by Korman. As for your story, how could the person confused her bf’s email address with that of her entire department? That’s just classic.

    Do you know what happened to her? 😉

  3. Eunice

    Once she realised what happened, she quickly called IT department hoping she able to recall the mail. Well, that is impossible, rite? She sent another email apologised to everyone and also said sorry to the new TL. She’s still working there… But bit embarassed each time when she asks the new TL for help.
    Moral of the story, DO NOT BITCH about work using company’s email system.
    Hope you have a good weekend~~~ Blardddyyy HOT the weather!!!!


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