Half-Asian politician disparages other Asians and Aboriginals

October 21, 2006 12:17 PM

Gary Anderton, stupid politician from Lyndhurst, Victoria

This, ladies and gentleman is what you would call a “fuckwit”. Gary Anderton, a politician who is half-Asian himself, disparages an Indian doctor, a Chinese doctor, the Lord Mayor of Melbourne who is Chinese, and Aboriginals in general. And how did he do it? On a BLOG!

Mr Anderton tells in an entry called “Anglo-Saxon Doctor Please” of going to the GP and being seen by “an Indian doctor, of all things, that absolutely stunk and obviously received a full fee degree. In other words, (he had) no idea.”

After asking the clinic for an “Australian doctor, that could speak English and was youngish (hopefully female)”, he was treated by an “Asain (sic), male, 50s, and had a speech lingo (sic) as good as Melbourne Lord Mayor (John) So”.

The fact that he’s racist notwithstanding, what kind of politician would openly air their prejudices out in public like that? And doing so while trying to represent Lyndhurst in the upcoming Victorian state election – a highly multicultural area, “with more than 50 per cent of electors born overseas, including large Vietnamese, Cambodian, Sri Lankan and Indian populations.”

What kind of politician? A stupid one who can’t even use the English language properly that’s what. And would you want a person with such a degree of self-loathing to represent you in Parliament? I didn’t think so.

Gary Anderton, you sir are a moron.

More at: Liberal candidate’s blog a slur on Aborigines – National – theage.com.au

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7 thoughts on “Half-Asian politician disparages other Asians and Aboriginals

  1. herman

    That dude’s half malaysian , half aboriginal. But … should have kept his opinion to himself. As the old saying goes ” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all “

  2. ally

    this is a sweeping statement but i find that a lot of australians are quite racist and intolerant. its quite often you find them making racially disparaging remarks.

    this guys even worse because he actually HAS an asian background. what an idiot.

  3. mooiness Post author

    herman: if he wanted to be a successful politician, he should have at least tried to pretend that he liked his constituents. Or move to a more Anglo area. 😉

    Bluey: hahah yeah that’s what I first thought – he just made the job of his opposing candidate that much easier.

    ally: I think it depends on the area – some parts of Australia or segments of population do have a higher proportion of ignorant people. As for this dude, yeah it’s a shame that he loathes the Asian part of himself instead of embracing it.


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