I don’t need love, I’ve got friends

October 26, 2006 10:54 PM

I’ve just caught up with Swee over some Japanese food at Ohnamiya in Applecross. It was fantastic – both the authentic food and the catch up. The bottle of 2-year old shiraz didn’t hurt either. The last time I saw Swee was a month ago. She’s constantly busy with work and with her love life, so catching up with her always feel like an exclusive treat.

And whenever we catch up it’s like we just saw each other the night before. Conversation continued as if it never stopped, and the bond felt as strong as ever. It’s great to have low-maintenance friends like these, with whom time spent in a small 2-hour window can feel so satisfying.

Even when people dissapoint me from time and time again, it’s the close friends that I have that reaffirms my faith in my fellow human beings. Unwavering, steady and consistent. I’m blessed as I’ve said many times before, and it is a reason that I’m never feeling down.

After nearly four years of being single and virtually sexless, you’d be forgiven to think that I’d be close to insane now. But it is friends like Swee that stop me from feeling lonely. And perhaps that is also the reason that I haven’t placed too much effort in hooking up or felt the need to. My body is urging me as always, but the mind isn’t.

Treasure your friends, do not abuse or take their friendship for granted. For the old saying is true:

Lovers come and go, but true friends are forever.

And thanks to this past year of blogging, I’ve met more people that adds to my general feeling of wellness. You know who you are.

Much link love to you all and to my readers! :mrgreen:

Friends of Mooiness, Marcus Ooi

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8 thoughts on “I don’t need love, I’ve got friends

  1. Rodney

    My my what’s that big thing you have between your leg in the last picture? errr.. I’m talking about the camera of course.. a canon or nikon? 😀

    oh FYI i’m in tech park now… lets check out some SYT in curtin one day.. 😀

  2. mooiness Post author

    YC: 🙂

    sourrain: no, don’t know how to make one. You get a standing offer of a lethal alcoholic cocktail. 😀

    Rodney: Pentax man! First and only SLR – pre-digital.

    Woohoo! SYT are go!

    Lupin: arrive Sunday morning a week from now!

  3. wendy tan

    Yes i’ve dissapointed you. anyway, i still reading your blog. friendship and boyfriend not like YOU ALL said… who easy come who easy go.
    and i never think about giving up our friendship but you did!
    I am very grateful that you were my first good friend in Perth and of course you also let me tried your mum cooking.but becuase my mistake we all not even friend now. and i will bear with it.

    Hope you enjoy your trip back home.

  4. girlstar7

    Totally agree with you. Friends are very important. I think friends are there to share heaps of good times with you as well as help you through the bad times. A true friend will be there when you are at your lowest, not just when you are at your best.
    As I’ve mentioned to you before, I’ve had a very bad year (it seems like just one bad event after the other!) and I wouldn’t have got through it without my friends. They’ve been there to listen to my problems and to take my out clubbing and distract me when I’m feeling down!
    When I was single it didn’t even bother me because I had my friends and that’s all I needed. Now that I do have a bf it’s just a bonus. I am lucky enough to have both.
    So when you DO meet the right girl, it seems like you have your priorities straight and you wouldn’t ever give up your friends. ANd hopefully if you do meet someone, she’ll get along great with them, and that’s a bonus!


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