Customer satisfaction is back-breaking work

October 30, 2006 7:44 PM

I’m #1 for “Marcus Ooi” on Google. Even a n00b can find me on the net. What does this mean? It means that I shouldn’t blog about work, not even discreetly like I have in the past. The people whom I deal with at work and through work know me as “Marcus Ooi”. If I speak about a certain event in the day, a client or a supplier could easily stumble upon my post and put two and two together.

Speak ill of them? Make fun of them? I’d be asking for it. But hey difficult customers are a norm, no matter what industry we work in, commercial or government. We all come across them one way or the other. People who can’t make up their minds, and people who don’t hear what you tell them. It’s so common that no specific customer can really think it’s them that I’m talking about right?

Ah who cares?! See if you recognise this scenario, metaphorically speaking.

Customer complaints

Passenger: Go there.
Driver (a.k.a. me): Ok.
Passenger: Go faster.
Driver: Cannot, got speed cameras. But I will go as fast as I can, ok?
Passenger: *grumble* I want to pick up a few of my friends.
Driver: This wasn’t in the plans but since we have room, ok.

* picks up additional people *

Passenger: Aiyer, why so slow? Faster!
Driver: We are fully loaded. We can’t go as fast as planned due to the additional passengers.
Passenger: Oklah oklah. This is not satisfactory. *grumble*

* comes to a road block *

Driver: Ok looks like we can’t go there. Road’s blocked. We have to take another way.
Passenger: Cannot! I want to go through here.
Driver: But we can’t … road’s blocked.
Passenger: I don’t care, my other driver always take this route.
Driver: But I’m not your other driver, and erm … the road’s blocked. We will still get to where we want to go by going this other way.
Passenger: Ok lah! Go go go, we are wasting time arguing!
Driver: *thinking* What the fuck, you started the arguing loh. *takes deep breath*

* detours and arrives at destination *

Passenger: What’s this?!
Driver: The destination that you said so in the beginning?
Passenger: No I didn’t. This is not where I wanted to go!
Driver: Yes you did. I have it here in writing.
Passenger: Well, I erm … I’ve changed my mind ok!?
Driver: … *sigh* Ok. So where do you want to go?
Passenger: I don’t know. You come up with a suggestion. That’s what I’m paying you for.
Driver: Ok, how about there?
Passenger: Why would I want to go there?
Driver: Because it’s an alternative place to get what you want from here.
Passenger: But there costs more.
Driver: Yes I know but since you have urgent needs, we have no choice.
Passenger: This is ridiculous. This is not what I’ve signed up for. Get me your manager, I want to speak to him. This is not satisfactory.
Driver: *mumbles* Motherf ….

/vent Pssssshhh! :mrgreen:

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11 thoughts on “Customer satisfaction is back-breaking work

  1. Indra

    I so agree to this kind of scenario man.. last time when I used to work at Domino Pizza, a lot of those annoyin, selfish customers come and buggin me, and I can’t do anything about it.. until.. I became the manager, and I started to tell the customers that they ARE wrong (when they’re being silly of course).. pure bliss

  2. Yvonne

    Don’t get me started on all the crap newspaper deliverers get. Seriously, next time you yell at someone who’s been up since 2 am wrapping and organising papers, THINK AGAIN.

  3. mooiness Post author

    Indra: haha I used to work in a restaurant too, and I’d tell them off even though I wasn’t the manager. I was the shopkeepers’ son though. Heh.

    Yvonne: hahah that, and insulting the ppl who handle your food. 😉

    herman: the worst kind. Mind you it’s a general amalgation. But pieces from which actually happens.

  4. girlstar7

    I’ve worked numerous jobs over the past 7 years and have copped all sorts of abuse at all of them:
    – working at a bakery at age 15 copping abuse from customers for not serving them fast enough or not knowing the ingredients in the bread
    – working at a primary school after care, copping abuse from children when I told them off for doing the wrong thing. and don’t get me started on the parents.
    – working as admin/reception for a computer company, copping abuse from customers over the phone whose computer hadn’t been fixed properly by the technicians. and then getting abused for not knowing the answer to technical problems. hello? i am just the receptionist here!
    – and the worst, by far, working in telemarketing and market research. my god, people tell you to fuck off on a daily basis! call centre work is so much fun!
    there’s some of my work abuse stories for ya…

  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: ouch. Computer/Internet customers are the worst, especially when they aren’t tech savvy. As for telemarketing, I think it comes with the territory – you don’t even have to piss them off, ‘cos they already hate you!

    misspear: heh and then … they expect you to be grateful for it.

  6. Indra

    Computer/Internet customers?

    Picture this…

    Techguy: Ok miss, looks like there’s something wrong with your Internet connection, I’ll help you through the phone. First click on “My Computer”

    Miss: …

    Techguy: Done?

    Miss: I can’t find “My Computer”

    Techguy: It should be on your desktop

    Miss: … nope, don’t see them anywhere

    Techguy: What do you have on your desktop then?

    Miss: I’ve got Albert, Lisa, Mary and Calvin

    Techguy: … you named your icons?

    Miss: I know!!! cute isn’t???

    Techguy: …


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