Bonfire of the Vanities*

October 31, 2006 7:14 PM

How do you wear this?

Low hipster jeans

Or this?

Low hipster jeans

And how do they stay up?

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post. ShanDong Er Ge (“Shandong Second Brother”) is. The above photos were from a post of his outlining what he likes in a woman. Presumably he digs women who expose their cracks. Though I can read Mandarin I didn’t read through it all because he comes across as a real asshat.

This is him by the way. AWESOME innit?

Shandong Er Ge

And who is he and what’s his blog about? He’s a 29 year old gym teacher from Shandong. Gawker has called him the “Yao Ming of Douches“. Gridskipper says,

Shandong calls himself “China’s Sexiest Man” and demonstrates a knack for self delusion, for if he is so sexy, why is he posing with a high-waisted paper skirt?

Shandong Er Ge created his blog in a bid to find a wife. But his methods leave a lot to be desired. The Shanghaiist says,

Erge treats his readers to pictures of Japanese girls in ultra-low cut jeans, attempts to teach women how to make love to their husbands after proclaiming he is a virgin in his matrimonial bid, posts videos of himself lifting heavy weights on TV …

And there’s more. However did people entertain themselves before the Internet came along? 😉

(via Back in Skinny Jeans)

* more about the real Bonfire of the Vanities

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15 thoughts on “Bonfire of the Vanities*

  1. sourrain

    Let you in on a little secret – its in the belt

    tightly belted jeans.Why do I know? Cause I dont have much of a booty on me,and when I wear jeans they tend do just fall off because I dont have a huge enough ass to hold it up.

  2. mooiness Post author

    V: I learn something new everyday. Though that’s below the butt! How do you walk without it slipping down? Or do anything?!

    Ah I’ve wasted enough time trying to understand it. 😛

  3. An

    For the squat down one, I did see it a few times before but not for the bowling pic. Could it be photoshopped on? Cos I recall a similar case of some pics of Jap gals wearing see-thru bottoms being circulated….

    I think this Shand0ng guy can compete with that 5tevenLim in 5g… =S Same pattern one… *grossed out…* *shudders* =S

  4. mooiness Post author

    An: you are right, could be photoshopped. There’s no way those jeans could stay up with movement.

    Hee hee yeah I know Steven Lim. Shameless.

    girlstar7: I don’t get it either. A full set of bums is attractive, but just the crack? Hmm. Heheh.


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