Kebabs and tacos at Blinkymummy’s

November 6, 2006 11:58 PM

Last night, BM’s friend SS came over and made kebabs and tacos for us while Angry Doc (BM’s “Physician Beng”) brought over some coffee liqueur. Here are the photos to tell the story (ok I’m just lazy – having fun is tiring. Heh.)

sheridan-coffee-liqueur-mixer hsin-taking-photos1a
angry-doc-hsin-ss1 angry-doc-ss-hsin-1

BM takes a lot of photos – the camera goes with her everywhere.

hsin-taking-photos3 hsin-taking-photos4

And now that she’s got the iMac, there’s a new obsession to go with taking photos – taking them AND making them weird and warped with the built-in effects and filters of iPhoto.

hsin-posing4 hsin-iPhoto

The kebabs and tacos were good, the green tea cake with red beans was yum, the coffee liqueur was suitably intoxicating, and the company was hilarious. It’s hard to convey the fun – it’s one of those “you had to be there” kind of moments. Money doesn’t buy happiness but good company does. 🙂

hsin-kebab green-tea-red-bean-cake

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