At home in a foreign city

November 7, 2006 10:14 AM


I say foreign, but Singapore is not really foreign to me. I speak the lingo, I understand the culture and I’m Chinese so I blend in like a local. Unless someone asks me for directions, which happened yesterday. My knowledge of the geography is limited to the MRT or subway stations that take me to and from the places that I want to go. Heh.

I can quite easily see myself living here. If I don’t mind not having a place large enough for my dog Snoop, or not having a car. But the people whom I know here, the shopping and clubs and pubs, and the things to eat more than make up for the above. Though I’d really miss Snoop if I can’t have him with me.

Right now as I sit here typing this in BM’s apartment, it doesn’t feel much different than if I was typing this at home in Perth. And because the bulk of my current work involve servers which can be accessed from the Internet anywhere in the world, I can quite easily do stints of work one or two months at a time away from Perth – if my company allows it. But since I’ve negotiated something similar for this 1-week trip of mine, I don’t see it as too big of a stretch.

It’s quite a surreal feeling that this is. Feeling at home when I’m *not* at home. It’s wonderful.

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5 thoughts on “At home in a foreign city

  1. Tom

    How does it feel working overseas on a Melb cup day?
    Japanese horses won, 1st and 2nd, lots of Japanese students around my office were rather in disbelief.

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