Singapore November 2006 – Day 3

November 8, 2006 10:51 AM

Yesterday – day 3. The morning work emails were not as numerous and the problems weren’t as severe. I worked at a leisurely pace till lunch time when I went out to meet up with my cousin at Republic Plaza. We dined at “The Asian Kitchen”.

the-asian-kitchen mushroom-roast-duck-noodles

After lunch we walked around the CBD area but the heat and the sun cut our walk short. I will be seeing her again Saturday night at St. James Powerstation. My cousin gave me the idea to go explore Chinatown so that’s what I did after walking her back to her office.

pork-floss-shop singapore-chinatown1

In the midst of buildings like this (note the Peranakan stylings, more on that later):


You would also see this, an Hindu temple:


Yes it’s located in Chinatown. How’s that for juxtaposition?

After my little trek, I finally gave in to the heat. It was too unbearable and I was beginning to smell a little. Anti-perspirants ain’t go nothing on tropical heat and humidity. Also, never wear colours which would reveal your sweat stains – I had to keep my arms down on the train ride back. That and also the smell lah!

When I got back to BM’s apartment, I surfed the net and organised my photos. The cats were very good company. Here’s Tiger supervising me.


The cats have been sleeping with me every night on the couch. At first I had a little phobia of being scratched if I kicked them during the night but it turned out ok. They were my little foot warmers.

tiger-at-my feet

Hey, they use me for warmth too ok?

I napped for two hours and then went to a nearby kopitiam for chicken rice.


Came home, did a spot of blogging and then it was off to Kampong Glam with BM. She showed me this mosque in the area. V. pretty.

kampong-glam-mosque kampong-glam-mosque2

We went to Samar for Middle-Eastern food. The food was good, the drinks were nice but the music was too damn loud, cool and exotic sounding though it may be. We had to yell to speak to each other. But my head still bopped up and down reflexively. I is clubber, I dig good rhythms no matter the source. :mrgreen:

samar-side samar-int

After dinner, the three of us walked around the area a little. While BM got drawn to the shops selling “yuppie shite”, I was drawn to the Peranakan/Straits Chinese architecture as she has also noted. I is addicted.



Speaking of Peranakan buildings, I think this would be the ultimate: the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion in Penang which has been turned into a hotel. I stumbled onto it while surfing around for Peranakan info.

BM mentioned about feeling lighter, like a tourist while I’m here.

kampong-glam-alley kampong-glam-pub

As they say in Australia:

A change is as good as a holiday.

Me being here is a change for her and GF. Change is also the reason that I wanted to get away from Perth. And in my case, my change is also a holiday. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Singapore November 2006 – Day 3

  1. rationalneurotic

    cats are so dear that way, right? my cat does that too. my friend stayed over and woke up with a cramp cos he didn’t dare to move around. and Tiger supervising you is so cute lor.

    anyways… BM’s house looks spotless and really nice. =)

  2. Lisa

    Yeah, Chinatown and Arab Street have lovely architecture. Oooh, I missed the powerstation as they just about to open when I came back to Australia. Tell us how it goes later, k?

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  4. mooiness Post author

    kenJJ: a Fujifilm Finepix E500, ISO 400, no flash, and steady hands and arms sticking to the side of my body. But it’s a bulky little thing, I stick with it because of the long battery life.

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