Singapore November 2006 – Day 4

November 9, 2006 11:39 AM

Yesterday – day 4. I had no lunch plans and initially I was going to just vege out in BM’s apartment. BM rang and felt pity for me and would not let me rot in peace. So she brought me to the Singapore Botanical Gardens for lunch.

singapore-botanical-gardens hsin-botanical-gardens
szechuan-chicken-botanical-gardens pork-cutlet-botanical-gardens

After lunch I got dropped at Novena Square where I took the train to Orchard. I wandered around aimlessly in and out of air-conditioned buildings trying to find something that will pique my interest, anything at all. But after 30 minutes, I gave in to the lure of the comforts of BM’s apartment again.

I mentioned yesterday that “a change is as good as a holiday”. So even though I’m doing the same shit with regards to work and wanting to laze around, at least I’m doing it in a different city. And that is good enough for me. I don’t need much to feel contented. 😉

Once I got back to the apartment, I rested a bit before proceeding to clean and tidy up the place. BM was having some people from Home & Decor magazine coming to the apartment to interview her and to photograph the place. You can see her photos on her post.

After the cleaning work I showered and headed off to Tanjong Pagar to meet up with Suen and Wai-Loong. Wai-Loong is also a friend from my uni days in Perth. He’s a settled family man here in Singapore ever since graduation 10 years ago.

We headed off to nearby Murray Terrace to Moi Kong for Hakka food.

moi-kong-shopfront moi-kong-dinner-spread
suen-moi-kong wai-loong-moi-kong

The food was excellent and cheap too. This tourist recommends it highly.

After dinner, Wai Loong said to go to Geylang … for the food that is. Yeah apparently we were still hungry. A short cab ride later, passing a few working women on the streets and the uniquely numbered houses that serve as brothels, we landed near the eateries.

Geylang reminds me a lot of Penang – it feels exactly the same! The eateries, the people walking on the roads (no sidewalks!), and multitude of stalls. Except for the red-light district, which I had to hastily explained to BM last night. Heheh. Penang does have a red-light district somewhere, I don’t know where but it is not as prominent and well-known like Geylang.


We had some sweet bean curd dessert and dumplings and caught up with each other. I can just imagine us being old men and still talking as if we were still in uni. It’s kinda bizarre but heart warming at the same time knowing that our dynamics would remain the same.

wai-loong-suen-yong-he yong-he-int

Ok so I thought we were full already but apparently we cannot come to Geylang and not have durian. So we walked again towards the stalls.


geylang-fruit-stall geylang-fruit-stall3

Check out the shrink-wrapped durians. Is your mouth watering?


Wai Loong negotiated with a few vendors, and Suen knows a thing or two about the differences. They are connoisseurs. Me? It’s like wine to me: I’ve only got two values on my scale, good and not good. Heh.

wai-loong-durian-stall geylang-wai-loong-durian-vendor

We grabbed a table near the stall and the vendor split open the durian for us. It was humongous.

geylang-durian-vendor me-wai-loong-suen-durian-geylang

‘Twas a good night.



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