Singapore November 2006 – Day 7

November 12, 2006 3:25 PM

Yesterday – day 7. Second last day. Boo hoo. BM made us breakfast of French toast and cheese sausages. It was quite nice to sit down and have the first meal of the day together. It was a good start.


Except of course, it started to rain soon after breakfast. It rained very hard. GF left for an appointment and BM tinkered with her photos. I killed time by photographing the cats once more.

blinky-cat tiger-cat

In the midst of all this, BM’s windows started leaking due to the heavy rain. BM and I scrambled with the mop and rags to hold the leaking. Turns out it was a bad rubber seal in the window which will have to be fixed. It was just as well that we hadn’t left the house already – it could have been a wet disaster greeting us when we step back into the house.

Finally we decided to get out of the house, regardless. And even though it was raining very hard, Orchard Road was packed with shoppers and traffic was as heavy as ever, probably even more so.

We passed by these nice looking houses, just off Orchard Road. They must be very pricey indeed.

landed-house-orchard orchard-traffic-rain

Our first stop was at Village in Heeren for some lunch.


After suitably fueling up, we went browsing through some funky clothing stores including this wicked vintage one. BM was tempted by a lot of items and me being a good friend, told her “no” on a few occasions. But she still ended up buying a few things, and I got sucked in as well by buying a jacket.

We got home and freshened up and then headed out to Imperial Herbal at Vivo City for dinner.

imperial-herbal-vivo-city-2 imperial-herbal-vivo-city
hsin-imperial-herbal-vivo-city hsin-gf-imperial-herbal-vivo-city

Imperial Herbal is a restaurant with its menu items developed with herbal ingredients and therapeutic purposes in mind. It was interesting and I never had Chinese food served in this fashion before.

imperial-herbal-tea imperial-herbal-spread

And dessert was fried pieces of sweet potato and yam covered in warm molasses. And to eat it, you have to quickly take the pieces and dip them in ice water as soon as the dish is brought to the table.


One thing that struck the three of us about the deco of Imperial Herbal was that it seemed to have three themes going through it, with neither meshing organically. But the strange deco doesn’t seem to have hurt the business at all.

After a satisfying dinner, we headed off to Dragon Fly at nearby St. James Powerstation. We were meeting up with June and Lupin, and also my cousin.

dragon-fly-stage june-gf-hsin-dragon-fly

It was a nightclub that has a Chinese rock band with several singers of different styles as its main act. Yes, we had a good time.


dragon-fly-queen-guitarist dragon-fly-william
dragon-fly-skye dragon-fly-singer

The crowd consists of young and old, really. As you can see from this pic below. But everyone was having a good time, including us. Even if June passed out momentarily due to the crowd, it was a minor blip on an otherwise fantastic night out.


And the following night, I’d be heading home. But it has been a really satisfying trip. 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Singapore November 2006 – Day 7

  1. transnationalmigrant

    ahhh, what a coincidence, i’m making my pilgrimage to singapore too. another 4 days here before i head back. good to see you have embraced your time here at your own pace. 🙂

  2. Leonard

    Alamak!!!! looks like you had fun!

    i was out of home, missed the chance to dragonfly to meet u and BM! you could have sms me or called me since u have my mobile number… i was waiting for you all day, i only (jus) read the e-mail some mins ago, sigh!

    maybe next time…have a nice flight back home! tata!! ^-^

  3. mooiness Post author

    transnationalmigrant: have fun!

    Lupin: it’s his first time perhaps? 😉

    Leonard: ah miscommunications – we didn’t confirm till late and we were rushing out of the house.

    mf: is it? I wouldn’t have a sense of comparison.

    Rob: there wasn’t tiger penis but there was deer penis. All this time that you have been going back, and you’ve never been? Definitely worth a visit.

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