Arriving back in Perth

November 13, 2006 6:15 PM

The flight home was good – the plane was not full so I could really stretch out. I slept only two hours though, just like my flight to Singapore. Once the plane landed at 6am, I made it pass immigration and customs in 20 minutes flat. Breezy. It’s good to be on the first flight of the day.

Took a taxi home and had a great conversation with the Serbian driver. Though you wouldn’t know it by his thick Aussie accent. In fact it was that good, I gave him $50 for the $45 ride. Good to put a smile on a random stranger’s face. 🙂

I opened the front door and walked to my room. A sudden sense of surrealism hit me – was I really in Singapore just 7 hours ago? I freshened up and then drove to my parents place. Mom would be home and so would Snoop.


After playing with him and talking to mom for a while, I was overcomed by fatigue. It wasn’t like this when I arrived in Singapore – I arrived at about the same time and that day I lasted till midnight. And I managed to cram a lot in on that day too.

Maybe it’s the prerequisite post-holiday blues? Whatever it is, I crashed in their guest room for 7 hours. Welcome back to Perth. Tomorrow it’s the office for me. Ugh.

10 thoughts on “Arriving back in Perth

  1. girlstar7

    Yeah, I definitely know the ‘post-holiday blues’ feeling. I find I am usually more tired coming home from a holiday because going there the excitement and adrenaline prevents me from getting too tired. Glad to hear you had a good time though 🙂


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