Singapore November 2006 – Day 8

November 13, 2006 5:31 PM

Yesterday – day 8. Last day in Singapore. Time flies when you are having fun. We woke up late due to the partying and supper the night before. We were meant to go out together for lunch and to check out Zouk Market, just as soon as BM and I finish blogging about the night before. The time was about 12pm. This is when the plans went to hell. Hahaha!

It took me about an hour and half all up, organising and naming the photos and to write the words to the post. Meanwhile BM took a bit longer to organise her photos – she took a lot and a lot of them were really nice. So she starts writing and uploading photos, the cycle repeating itself whenever she wrote about a different part of the night.

When I finished my post, I waited for her to publish hers so I could link to it. In the meantime, I took more photos of Tiger. Tiger looks like a little lion or tiger cub in the second photo. I wanted to take more of Blinky but it’s hard to take photos of a black cat. 🙂

tiger-cat-2 tiger-cat-1

Then Blogger (or was it Firefox?) started going haywire on BM. She’d upload the photos, Firefox would freeze and then she would have to restart it – losing her work in progress. After this happening 3 times (!!!), she started being methodical about it – write a little, save, write some more, save, upload photos, save, write again. Heh. So when did she finish her post? 3:30pm.

By then we were too lazy to go out for lunch anymore. GF had left for a haircut earlier and BM ordered some home-delivered McD for us.


The rest of the day went by in a lazy blur. After finishing her post, BM went for a swim. I browsed and watched TV. Was trying to absorb my last bits of “Singaporean-ness” on my last day but everything shown on TV was not Singaporean in origin. Whilst channel surfing, I got stuck on an Indian film. I reveled in its cheesy awesomeness. Say what you will, Bollywood films are addictive. :mrgreen:

Later in the night, the three of us were on the couch stoning. BM brought up three rounds of junk food, GF read “Pretties” (he’s on the second one already!), and we watched “Meet the Parents”. Sometime during the week that I was there, BM mentioned about being like “Friends”. I think we got close then. Heh.

9:30pm came along and I was ready to leave but Blinky got into my luggage. I couldn’t get it to come out; it hissed and clawed at me. In the end BM had to do it.


We left for Newton Circus for dinner, and to the airport after. I said, “Bye, bye house.” Sob.

newton-circus-2 newton-circus-1


newton-circus-cendol hsin-ice-kacang

The food was excellent as you can see. And then we left for the airport. There was a touch of mild melancholia as we said our goodbyes but it didn’t feel like I was going somewhere far away. The conversations would continue via the Internet. Thanks Blinkymummy and GF for putting me up at your place and for taking me around. I had a most awesome time! 🙂


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