When it’s once in a blue moon, Don’t be such a scrooge

November 16, 2006 8:55 PM

Whenever friends and family visit me here in Perth, I’d make the effort to spend time with them no matter how inconvenient or how expensive it may turn out to be. In fact, money does not even factor into the considerations. Good company and treasured friendships are priceless. The way I look at it is: how often do they come by after all? Being hung up on the inconvenience and the cost would be completely missing the point.

How much would you spend on an expensive piece of clothing, jewellery, a shiny gadget or a toy? $500? $1000? $2000 even? How much would the extra fuel and a nicer than normal meal to treat a friend cost? $100? $200? How can you even compare?

If you value mere things over human connection, then your values are wack. If you deem a rare occasion too costly or too inconvenient to make an effort for, that I’m not worth it, well that’s ok. I’m not the one missing out and there’s more time, and more me, left over for those who are truly worthy of it. 😉

Me drinking a pint of beer

12 thoughts on “When it’s once in a blue moon, Don’t be such a scrooge

  1. mf

    yeah…shuo de hao! haha
    when my penang cousins came over to sgp during xmas…i went squeezing in the crowd wif them at orchard rd..cos they love the lightings..this is not a normal thing tat i would do…but hey..they oni come like in dunno how many years…

  2. mae

    HAHA, it’s like those Mastercard Visa ads. Woot, more of Mooiness to go around. Ha, well said though, I’m one of those that try my best too, but I can’t say that my intentions always work out; I have serious issues with time management.

  3. ian

    I agreed with you. However, there are times where for some reason too many friends’ birthdays occurring in the same month or something similar happens. My generosity seems to make me feel the pinch… So many friends, yet to little money… LOL!

  4. girlstar7

    yep, totally agree with you. like everyone to some extent, I do like material things. I love buying a new CD and listening to the songs, buying a sexy new dress or a funky pair of jeans. but none of that compares to friendship. at the end of the day, money doesn’t buy happiness. you can have all the material possessions in the world but it means nothing if you’re a lonely old bastard with no friends!
    if you think of all the happiest moments in your life, it’s doubtful that in any of them you are alone. you are sharing those moments with someone/other people.
    BTW maybe you should plan a trip to Melb, I’d love to take you out!! I know it’s heaps far away and it’s hard if you don’t know anyone there to stay with (which is my situation in Perth). but I love showing out of towners MY city, I would certainly make the effort 😛

  5. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: wah your eyes are damn good. I don’t get blackheads lah, just pimples.

    snowflake: over the years yes. 😉

    mf: yeah that’s my point – it’s only once in a while, and spending time together is more important.

    mae: well as long as you try. Some ppl won’t even try, and instead just grumble about this and that.

    ian: my gist is more about ppl who drop in from overseas or whatever, or those ppl whom u don’t get to see that often. They are the ones that I reckon we should squeeze time out for.

    theresa: woohoo!

    girlstar7: ah kindred spirit – u know what I am trying to say! And really thank you for the generous offer, I mean it. Shall make it a standing offer yeah? 🙂

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