Another one bites the Singapore bug, not me yet though

November 18, 2006 1:39 PM


I found out on Thursday that another friend is moving to Singapore. He’s one of two high school friends who’s made the identical transition: Perth to Sydney to Singapore. Two friends from university are also there.

Even more reason to visit Singapore. Even more reason to get tempted to work there. Although rent would be expensive, that is offset by the lower taxes and potentially higher pay. That is probably how my two friends who used to work in Sydney see it: Sydney offered higher salaries but the tax rate is still high, and that is coupled by the higher living costs compared to Perth (up for debate now as Perth property prices is matching up with Sydney’s due to the mining boom).

I’ve been told this and I realise it myself, it is also easier to find a woman there. Realistically, people still tend to find a mate with similar cultural and racial backgrounds. So why not improve the chances by immersing oneself in a sea of likeness, right?

Ostensibly, I can achieve the above by going to Kuala Lumpur as well. But truth be told, and it cringes me as a Malaysian to say it, Singapore’s efficiencies from its government departments to its public transport and infrastructure are very seductive.

Having said all that though, I’m not in a hurry to find a woman. And I still prefer the multitude of colours and cultures I get to see in Australia. I love my life here in Perth. And while I don’t get paid as much as my friends overseas, what I have is more than enough. My job still interests me. If I decide to make a move eventually, a few more years of Australian working experience can’t help but look good on the resume.

Or I might just end up spending my entire life in Perth. And what’s wrong with that? 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Another one bites the Singapore bug, not me yet though

  1. Mirebella

    Isnt it funny that Oz’s are wanting to move to Sin/Malaysia/Asia and Asians want to migrate to Australia?

    Apart from the lower taxes – mind you, you will be 1 face from a million where every other face is Asian.

    At the end of the day tho – it is all up to the individual innit? 🙂

  2. mooiness Post author

    mirebella: now that you’ve pointed it out – yes that IS funny. Pros and cons to being part of a majority vs. a minority and yes: it’s up to the individual in the end.

    Steph: yeah that’s what I’m thinking. It’s like all these different reasons pulling in different directions.

  3. lemongrass

    ironical, singaporeans over here are also wanting to migrate to aust, for the better pay, more relaxed life, a more comfortable life, u name it…..

    being a fellow singaporean, i must say that i am honoured that u think so highly of my homeland:P

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