A night out with my colleagues

December 9, 2006 1:06 AM


During Thursday night’s company Christmas dinner, Fay suggested that the bunch of non-management have a little gathering last night. I am an honourary non-management – I think it’s because Fay never thought of me as the boss when she was working for me. Which makes me think that I was a good boss and that I can be a good manager, just as soon as I get some real subordinates. 😉

First, we had Vietnamese noodles at Tra Vinh. What was meant to be a casual dinner turned out to be a venting session about work. I had to steer the conversation away and started hassling this colleague about his “ball and chain” condition, ie. his girlfriend. Heh.

After dinner, we headed to Utopia for a session of amateur singing. I am not a fan of karaoke but it becomes more fun when the company that you are with really gets into it. I kept to early to late 90s Mandarin, Cantonese and English songs. Or as my younger colleagues (ok all of them) like to call it: “my era”.

Two hours of throat exercising later, it was time to exercise our throats in a different way – alcohol consumption. Woohoo! This part of the night was spent at The Deen. Fay especially got into it because it’s been a while since she’s been clubbing. A jug of Illusion, shots of Tequila, laughter, good music and eye candy make for a fun time.

Before too long it was time to head off home as some of my colleagues were getting tired. And I’d like to rub this in some more: they were all younger than me. Granted, it is a Friday and we had been working. But still. Heh.

We made a slight detour for some quick snacks and then went our separate ways. I had a good time tonight and I think there’s an unspoken promise to “let’s do this again”. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A night out with my colleagues

  1. girlstar7

    I got my office Christmas party tonight and I can’t wait! I’ve only been working for the company since June and have never seen anybody from work socially so it should be interesting. It’s always fun to see what people are like outside the work environment.
    And one problem with going out with work people, I find: you tend to talk about work. As you mentioned in your post, sometimes you have to force yourselves to steer the conversation away from work, onto other topics.
    I agree; karaoke can be a lot of fun if you are in a big group! And good on ya for having more stamina than the twentysomethings 😛

  2. mooiness Post author

    mf: ah good old bottle service. 🙂

    girlstar7: hope you had a great Christmas party! I think it’s inevitable that colleagues will bitch about work to each other. Sometimes it’s needed, but other times it just becomes too much.


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