Blogging personalities are “real”

December 11, 2006 5:33 PM

Being a blogger and reading a tonne of blogs have a way of making me know another blogger as if I know them in real life too. Some of whom I’ve met in person but somehow I feel connected even to those whom I haven’t yet.

And when something happens out of the ordinary, I get concerned just as I would if they were “real” friends. A good case in point is the recent drama surrounding James Kim – many people didn’t know him personally but felt anguish and sadness just the same because they *know* him from his articles on CNet and his time presenting on TechTV.

With that in mind:

  • Steph of Much Ado About Sumthin! got into a car accident and was hospitalised last Friday morning. Luckily her condition is not serious. Here’s wishing her a speedy recovery. Thanks to her friend Kylie who posted on her behalf to let everyone know that she’s ok.
  • Yvonne of Nektros last posted on the 11th of November saying that she’d be back from exams on the 14th. It’s now been a month since that post. In this instance, no news is not good news. And the problem is, judging from the number of concerned comments left on that post, I don’t think any of her readers have her real life contact details to find out what has happened. I hope nothing bad has happened but it’s looking kinda ominous.

Which has made me think that writing up that list of people to contact, online and off was definitely a good idea. Of course I hope that it never gets used by my loved ones, but hey it is a smart thing to do when your life is so connected electronically.

8 thoughts on “Blogging personalities are “real”

  1. Larawannabe

    i reckon reading/writing a blog is as close as to having a pen-friend. you get to know that person through writing and may or may not meet them in person. especially those you’ve read for quite sometime, yeah?

  2. girlstar7

    Yeah, I also read Steph’s blog and feel like I know her just as I feel like I know you! I found myself actually a bit sad to find out she was in a car accident.
    it’s funny, I’ve been reading your blog for over a year now, and although I’ve never met you I know all about your family, where you live, what you do on weekends, who your friends are, what your views on life are etc. I know a lot more about you than some of the people I actually know in person!

  3. Stéphanie

    Hi there,

    I found Yvonne’s email and street address actually. I sent her an email two weeks ago and got no reply so far. But what should I do? I live in Belgium and Yvonne is in Australia, I don’t know her and she has no clue as to who I am.

    It is at the same time fascinating and pretty scary to be so worried about somebody who is a complete stranger to me.

    Reading a blog is basically reading a diary, even if the blog is not so personal, after a while you grow attached to the content and whoever is behind that content.

    Your list of people to contact in the electronic world in case of accident and so forth is really good and does make sense. Our family and friends don’t necessarily know that we are connected to so many people on the web.

    Anyways I sincerely hope Yvonne is fine but I don’t know how to find out exactly without breaking any privacy rules. It is a dilemma.


  4. mooiness Post author

    Stephanie: I understand your concerns about violating Yvonne’s privacy. However, I think you can send her a letter to her street address. Maybe address it to “Yvonne and family”. Because not having a phone number, I think this is the best that you can do.

    I don’t know how long a letter from Belgium would take to get to her, but it has been more than a month since she last posted. So I don’t think that matters as much.

    I think I speak for everyone who reads Yvonne’s blog and that is that: we just want to know if she’s ok or not, or why she hasn’t been blogging.


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