Video game made with male fantasies

December 12, 2006 7:46 PM

“Oneechanbara Vortex” for the Xbox 360. Means “Vortex Sisters” I think. The title is not important. Heh.

Sexy half naked women? Check.
Big swords and guns? Check.
Sexy half-naked women with big swords and guns fighting zombies? Check.

Gratuitously violent and sexist? Yup. Awesome? Oh yeah.

Gameplay trailer is in Japanese but you don’t need a translator to get it – it is that primal. If you are female, then this game may not appeal to you. Unless you are Blinkymummy. :mrgreen:

I wonder what Australian censors would think of this game, if it ever comes this way. Woohoo!


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5 thoughts on “Video game made with male fantasies

  1. Rob

    mmmmm …. there’s something tragically alluring about skimpily clad girls spoting dangerous weapons. It must disable the scepticism circuit in the male brain. like resident evil would have been a crap movie but insert a supermodel with a big gun and hey wow what a great movie 😛 I thought so anyway.


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