Saturday evening at Cicerello’s

December 18, 2006 8:13 PM

On a warm and balmy summer evening, the Ooi family decided to head out for some of that Fremantle Doctor and have fish and chips by the sea at Cicerello’s.


At Cicerello’s you can have all kinds of seafood dishes including raw oysters and chilli mussels but most people, tourists and locals alike go there for the fish and chips.

cicerellos-counter1 cicerellos-counter2

Check out that great sunset. It was a really pleasant night out.

cicerellos-side2 cicerellos-side1

Remember not to feel the seagulls …


Or they will shit on you.

It was a shame that we didn’t bring Snoop out with us because we weren’t quite sure we could bring him – until we saw a few families brought their pets along. Next time then. Simple pleasures like this have to be shared to be truly enjoyable, even with the family pet. 🙂

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18 thoughts on “Saturday evening at Cicerello’s

  1. tfp

    Mmmm, I love fish and chips but rarely eat at Cicerello’s when at Freo, because I find it so horrendously busy all the time.

    I love that sign (Please don’t feed the seagulls of they will S.O.Y.). Would make a cool t-shirt, I reckon.

    Does Snoop like eating fish and chips? I know, it’s naughty. When we eat f & c we always keep aside some fish (minus batter) for the cats. Pixel is especially fond of it. She’s learned to recognise the smell and sight of those paper packages.

  2. mooiness Post author

    JJJ: yeah nothing is as salty or as vinegar-y in Japanese cuisine is there? Heheh.

    BM: if you get here, you can definitely count on me taking you there. 🙂

    dreymer: me too! the whole meal is so sinfully unhealthy. Woohoo!

    tfp: you are right – it is terribly busy most times. We went a little earlier and as you can see, it’s quite busy by then. Our alternative would have been Kailis.

    Yup a shirt with a variation of S.O.Y. would be cool. Heh.

    Snoop eats everything! He gets the occasional treat of human food. Too much of it ain’t good. Don’t want a fat dog, or worse – one with indigestion.

  3. girlstar7

    ‘Don’t feed the seagulls or they will SOY’?? Does that actually stand for shit on you or not? If not, what does it stand for?
    And I was drooling looking at the pics, thinking I could really do with some fish n chips right now 🙂

  4. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: it is indeed huge. We were quite stuffed.

    steph: yes very Aussie. You got the Fish Markets in Sydney though – that’s even bigger, but not as low-key.

    girlstar7: heh I asked that question many years ago, and ppl tell me that that is what it means.

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  6. tfp

    I asked Jac if she’d ever noticed the “seagulls will S.O.Y.” sign before and she hadn’t. But it took her two seconds to suggest that S.O.Y. stands for “shit on you”. 😛

  7. Nadia

    Actually, I’m not so much a fan of the fish and chips as I am of the seafood chowder and the chilli mussels. Additionally, whenever my dad is down, we’re a little naughty and end up feeding the seagulls with our leftover bread.

    Like you said, simple pleasures have to be shared to be enjoyable. heh.

  8. mooiness Post author

    JL: que? chish and fips? Heh.

    tfp: that sign is quite obvious around the place. You guys were probably too into the food to notice. 🙂

    Nadia: I hope you don’t get evil looks from the ppl around you. 😉

    michellesarah: true that. A lot of ppl have mentioned that but I dunno we just keep getting drawn back to it. It’s somehow more cosy?

  9. ene

    I made the mistake of clicking onto your blog and seeing this entry during a very very boring 3-full-days Advanced Excel course.

    Then I had to stare at those pictures of Fish & Chips that brought back sooo many yummy memories for me.

    And then I got hungry and realised there is no such place in Singapore.



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