Going back to where I came from

December 20, 2006 10:07 PM

I wrote about growing up in 80s Malaysia previously but there were no images to go with it. Well, I manage to dig up some old scans that I did for my primary school friends from KL. Behold! The Mooiness and friends circa 1986. Remember to wash your eyes on the way out. 😀


Fun was having a school picnic by the lake with a whole bunch of your friends, having KFC and playing Nintendo Game-n-Watches. And I forgot that we did the V-sign even way back then.


Check out the chicks around me. I seriously peaked way too early man. Wtf.


Alfred E. Neuman, eat your heart out.


This was taken at my house in Malaysia for my 12th birthday party. Phil may force me to get drunk for this when I see him. It’s all good!


Phil and I circa last year, December 2005. See you soon buddy! 🙂

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17 thoughts on “Going back to where I came from

  1. van

    Are you going to be in KL? When? I want to see if you’re as funny as u appear. 😀 I’ll be out and about the humid town jan2-13. Now in melbourne with no cellphone, email me!

  2. phil

    that’s it. you’re gonna die now. you bestrud guy…. no amt of seein gu consume alcohol will redeem u from this misbehaviour…

    ok…no.. i chg my mind…i beg of u not to tell anyone of our common friends of this particular entry… pls! pls! any amount of beer u like, alfred!! =)

  3. mooiness Post author

    rationalneurotic: yeah he hasn’t. It’s kinda surreal to think that none of us have really changed, even our personalities.

    Rob: lucky me. Heheh.

    phil: that’s right. I’ll make it easy for you – kopitiam beer also can. Hahaha!

    dreymer: now that you’ve brought it up, I’d like to see *your* school uniform. Woohoo!

  4. girlstar7

    Hey, you should show some old pics from your teenage years AFTER you moved to Perth. I’d like to see some of your early days here in Aus.
    Nice 80s pics by the way!!

  5. Rodney

    When i was in primary school, any nintendo game and watch would be confiscated on sight by the prefects.. 🙁

    ah well need to go back and dig out my old photos.. 🙂


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