Kuala Lumpur, December 2006 Day 1

December 23, 2006 1:29 PM

At Cluster Gamers in PJ SS2, playing multiplayer Call of Duty 2

Yes, I came back all the way from Australia to go play PC LAN games.

Yesterday – Day 1. I said I wanted to do nothing and I did almost nothing. And this entry is gonna be like a typical diary entry: I ate this, I saw this, and I did this. Sorry. Hohoho.

Lazed around the house till 4:30pm before we decided to head out. Then my aunty called and said to wait at home because we are now going out for dinner at 6pm. No point to leave the house then. Woops.

Dinner was at her in-laws’ place – simple home-cooked meals cooked by the maid. Heh. For a Muslim Indonesian, she makes really authentic Chinese dishes. No pork of course. Caught up with my aunty’s younger sister-in-law for a bit. She used to study in Perth and our families are quite intertwined. She treats me like an older cousin because she’s younger than me. Reucas my cousin is her nephew but she follows the name-rank he uses for me and calls me “Marcus kor-kor” which means “older brother”.

After dinner, Phil messaged me and said, “Up for some midnight gaming?” I immediately thought lascivious thoughts and replied, “Heh heh. ‘Gaming’ eh?” He replied, “Yes, gaming. As in PC.” Rats.

He came and picked me up around 11pm and drove us all the way back to where he lives: Petaling Jaya SS2 which was about 25 minutes away. This is also the area where I used to live. It’s an area which has changed a lot though I can still pick up some of the older landmarks.

Got introduced to his five friends there and it was on! 3-on-3 multi-player deathmatch on “Call of Duty 2”. Yes, how geeky can we get. But man it was awesome. Lotsa swearing, and lotsa hysterical laughter from killing our virtual selves.

The two hours flew by and it was time to leave. The cost: RM$8.50 each. Phil said it well, “Not bad for two hours of fun.” You definitely can’t get the same kinda value from clubbing and drinking. Also women. 😉

And that was day 1.

5 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur, December 2006 Day 1

  1. girlstar7

    Q – How do you know you’re a geek??
    A – When you spend Saturday night playing PC games!
    HAHA that is really funny. But I guess it’s not like you are visiting a NEW city i.e. not like you are going to Paris, Rome etc. where you would be wasting your time playing PC games when you could be seeing the sights. You grew up there, so you don’t need to waste time doing the touristy things. Hence why you CAN play PC games on a Saturday night…still geeky though 😛 BTW please tell me you wouldn’t do that if visiting a new city for the first time!!

  2. mooiness Post author

    Michelle: it’s a good name. Heh.

    girlstar7: hahahah yes it would seem like such a waste of time. And no I wouldn’t do that in a new city which I haven’t been to before. I’ve got some pics of pseudo-clubbing last night which I will post up soon.

    And unfortunately, this being a Muslim country there ain’t no strip bars. 😉

  3. Stu Garrett

    Hi! Loved your blog and now wonder if you can briefly assist a new expat in KL. Things I miss most: being able to go to my local PC World chain store and get any game I want, or ordering a title from Amazon, or a zillion other fast ways of getting wanted titles. Nothing seems possible here so where, oh where, do you guys buy PC games? There’s gotta be somewhere. Hasn’t there? Cheers. Stu.


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