Kuala Lumpur, December 2006 Day 2

December 24, 2006 9:45 PM

Yesterday – day 2. The going-ons picked up a little in pace and so does the photo-taking. Let’s get to it. Morning was waking up to a bowl of curry mee, or laksa. Look at that and drool.


After lunch my cousins headed to Sungei Wang together with my aunty. Once there, first priority was getting a prepaid SIM card. Much cheaper than using roaming especially when you have to be in a place for more than a few days. And then somewhat predictably, we headed off to the arcade in Berjaya Times Square.

Berjaya Times Square people on escalators

berjaya-times-square-indoor-rollercoaster berjaya-times-square-stall
berjaya-times-square-arcade berjaya-times-square-arcade-games

After much fun and frivolity reliving my precious youth with my 14 year old cousin, it was time to meet up with Yue-Chin to head off for dinner at The Green Lotus. She and I were the first to be there at 7:50pm.

green-lotus-me green-lotus-yue-chin

The guest of honour – Mili and her husband Simon visiting from the UK, and the rest arrived a little bit later. Mili’s good friend Audrey whose blog I have also been reading was there, along with a few people who I managed to got along with really well. They were a riot.

It was very good to have met Mili in person at long last after knowing each other online for 1.5 years through each other’s blogs. This was the first time that Yue-Chin is meeting Mili too.

green-lotus-mili-simon green-lotus-people
green-lotus-yue-chin-mili green-lotus-food

YC wanted me to put these two photos side-by-side: the one on the left is from last year. Yes she still has that stretchiness. 🙂

yc-face-stretch green-lotus-yue-chin-face-stretch

Living up to her reputation of being a big eater (who doesn’t gain weight), we took a short walk up the road to Lecka Lecka where YC got some ice-cream for dessert.

bintang-7-eleven lecka-lecka

After milling around deciding where to go, we settled on Bed located on the Asian Heritage Row. Only problem was for some reason the door bitch didn’t want to let our group in. I wasn’t privy to the conversation but the end result was that we ordered a bottle of Chivas and had it at their outside bar instead. Yue-Chin left us to join her friends at another club around this time.

bed bed-queue

It was a blessing in disguise that we didn’t get in because I think we had more fun sitting outside a round table where we could talk to each other normally. Mili really got into the drinks, drinking like she wasn’t going to touch alcohol again. “Whatever happens in Bed, stays in Bed.” Heh.

bed-chivas-bottle bed-outside-table

Here she is pouring us another round of drinks and yelling, “Drink up!”

bed-mili-drinks2 bed-mili-drinks

This is Asian Heritage Row the left, and with my new found friends Simon, Justin and Elvin. Mili titled me the “friends poacher” because I hit it off with her friends almost immediately.

asian-heritage-row bed-me-simon-justin-elvin

We finished off the bottle of Chivas after about an hour and a half. During which time we got hungry. As is typical of all Malaysian nightspots, there is a “mamak” or Indian-Muslim food stall nearby. So naturally that was where we gravitated towards. Among other things, we had maggi goreng, satay, nasi lemak and teh-tarik.

buharry-satay buharry-nasi-lemak
buharry-maggi-goreng buharry-audrey-mili

So ends another day in Malaysia. I might spend New Year’s Eve with my new found friends. :mrgreen:


14 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur, December 2006 Day 2

  1. girlstar7

    Merry Christmas even though you don’t celebrate it! In Malaysia is 25th December just like another day seeing as it’s a Muslim country? Excuse my ignorance having only visited Western countries!

  2. mooiness Post author

    cynthia/kenJJ/Alptraumlage: Merry Christmas to you guys too!

    girlstar7: it’s a Muslim country but there’s freedom of faith and Christmas is one of the major holidays here. And there are Christmas sales etc just like in Oz. 🙂

    YC: orh but it’s not the place but the company that counts. 😉

  3. sourrain

    why is my face oily-can-fry-yaucharkwai?so the disgusting..I am so not used to the humidity

    sigh.What happens in bed stays in bed!!And what is up with that last picture of us pointing…do u remember why?I asked drey,she also don’t know why.

    ANyway,great nite in the end..I guess any night would be great seeing taht I polished off 1/2 bottle of chivas alone..i am so hopeless,doesn’t help that they served it with green tea!

  4. mooiness Post author

    hee hee. I think anyone who doesn’t live in the humidity day to day will have trouble getting used to it. Even if you have lived here previously.

    that last picture – I wanted to take a pic of you and Audrey when she said, “Take us pointing at each other.” Hahah! That was it.

    Yeah half bottle of Chivas. Gees. You drank it like it was going out of fashion. As for pang sai face, no lah … more like scolding us. Heh.

  5. sourrain

    I so need facial blotters.And tissues.And matt makeup.Bleah.I was having so much fun that night that I didn’t even take one picture imagine that..

    That was so funny that pointing picture! Best was when dreybee also don’t know why were we pointing at each other.I remember I wanted to steal the bucket holding ice as we were leaving – I think I told evilelf that I want to puke in it.hahhaahah!

    yeah,i am an indiscriminate drinker.sigh.Not my fault…all the other people at the table busy getting to know each other.

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