Blogging interrupted / Minor update

December 28, 2006 12:02 AM

International links to sites hosted outside of South-East Asia are severely crippled due to an underwater earthquake off the coast of Taiwan, which damaged an underwater communication cable.

The Star – Communications cut off after powerful earthquake strikes southern Taiwan
The Star – Internet access to overseas websites disrupted

Since my blog is hosted in the US, posting this was painfully slow. So I won’t be attempting new posts until the situation gets better. It should hopefully improve enough before I fly back next Friday. Oh minor update – I didn’t do much for the past three days. 😉

I dunno what I will be doing for NYE yet because a few options are available to me. The day before that I may take a road trip down to Melaka with YC if there’s room in the cars of her group. Her DJing friends have a NYE show down that way, and will be checking out the venue and equipment. If I do get to go with them, it should provide some photos and blogging material.

Until whenever, have a safe and drunken holiday season wherever you are. 🙂

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