Snippets of my KL days

December 29, 2006 12:35 PM


Dearth of activities led to a dearth of photos. Plus the internet traffic jam is not encouraging any blogging juice. The most interesting thing in the past few days have been to Low Yat Plaza to get some PC parts for my cousin. Wee. No hotchicks there though.

But being Internet deprived got my cousins and I back to enjoying the things before computers came along, like TV. Hahaha! I kid. We managed to go out and walk about, and even got off our asses from the cartoons (yes I watch them) to go sit our asses in the pool. That’s my effort into correcting my non-existent exercise routine since I’ve got here.

And I think I need it. All that drinking and eating ain’t good for maintaining that lean look. Woohoo. And btw, I’m 32 today.

Simple pleasure is eating Nasi Lemak at home.

25 thoughts on “Snippets of my KL days

  1. mae

    Happy Birthday!! 😀 This Internet jam is ridiculous. Just means more time out shopping for me. Glad to hear you’re enjoying your time in Malaysia! 🙂

  2. mooiness Post author

    Ash: thank you!

    Eunice: you too!

    jktdo: it was yummy. Heh. Happy NY to you too!

    fatmermaid: another connoisseur I see.

    mf: really? wah you got good eyes, or is it good imagination? Heh.

    dreymer: yeahlah, didn’t you hear me say that on the table that night? 🙂

    sourrain: yes I subconsciously am thinking to piss you off at every opp. Hahah! As for Japanese food, erm I just came back from dinner at Rakuzen. Woohoo!

    JJJ: arigato gozaimasu!

    V.u.: thanks!

    mae: thank you thank you!

  3. mooiness Post author

    explicist: ah blog post to come about that. suffice to say right now, I’m recovering from too much alcohol. Heh.

    mf: well that’s a good compliment, so thanks!

    kenjj: thanks!

    cynthia: same to you!

    mn: heheh. the good kind.

    Lisa: thank you!

  4. robin

    Wow… your birthday and mine arent so far apart….
    Happy birthday dude !!! And Happy Hew Year 2007 to you too… may you have a blessed and awesome one…
    Catch you up soon when I return to perth… which may not be so soon, ahahhaha

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