What I did on my 32nd birthday

December 31, 2006 6:25 PM

I woke up not thinking any different. I had actually forgotten that it was my birthday until my cousin greeted me in the morning. I don’t place importance on dates (women can all hate me now) because I believe in living every day to the fullest. So I didn’t even plan to celebrate or whatever, but things have a way of organising themselves.

The day started off with lunch in Jalan Alor with Phil at this old decrepit building. In fact I deem it too decrepit for foreigners. Only true Malaysians and the adventurous would venture inside and actually eat something. The place is how should I put it – not the cleanest and it looks like it could fall apart at anytime. Hahah!

The food however looked good and it was what the place is known for, especially the charsiew that literally melted in your mouth. Woo.

alor-restaurant alor-chicken-charsiew-rice

After lunch, we headed to Lecka Lecka again for beer and bird watching. And then Phil suggested we go for a massage. Sounds like a plan!


The area where we headed to have a lot of foot/body massage parlours, with spruikers on the sidewalk trying to get us to go in. However, we were headed to a nicer one which Phil had been meaning to try out.


The masseuses were mainland Chinese women and were quite chatty and I had a chance to practice my Mandarin. After the massage, I felt really really relaxed. At RM50 for 45 minutes of full body massage it was well worth it.

liang-xin-massage liang-xin-toilet

After a quick Japanese dinner at Rakuzen, we headed home to get ready to go out with my aunty’s gay friends. Hahah yes you read that right. The night started off at Frangipani for a quick drink before we made it to Zouk for a gay event.


I took a lot of photos on the night. But because we are dealing with a very sensitive aspect of people’s lives, I am not going to post photos showing the faces of the people that I partied with. Hopefully what I get to show you and how I describe it would be a good consolation. 😉


So there I was drinking and jumping around with this big bunch of obviously gay men at a gay event, when I chatted up this cute girl. She thought I was gay too. For some reason, I didn’t correct her and I just played along. And after a while I soon realised the benefit of having a girl think that you are gay: you get to touch them, hug them and squeeze them all you like. Woohoo! Of course the downside is she doesn’t think of you in a sexual way. And she was single too. Oh well. :mrgreen:

podium-dancing its-raining-men

The end result of the night was me getting my shirt taken off by another man. I have to say that this has to be my most unique birthday celebration yet. And no I’m not gay, not that there’s anything wrong with that. 🙂


11 thoughts on “What I did on my 32nd birthday

  1. girlstar7

    I think it’s awesome that you partied the night away at a gay bar, most straight guys sure as hell wouldn’t have the balls to do that!
    and I have been chatted up by a straight guy in a gay bar. we were dancing the night away and naturally i assumed he was gay. I thought he was just being friendly and that maybe I had a new gay pal. But at the end of the night when he asked for my number and to catch up for coffee I was a bit surprised. It was then he admitted to me that he was straight. I was a bit taken aback, I had been enjoying the fact that I had a new gay pal to party the night away with! sadly, i told him that I wasn’t interested….I wouldn’t want to date a guy who people might mistake for gay (he knew all the words to Kylie and Madonna) 🙂

  2. mooiness Post author

    kenjj: heh glad you liked it.

    lemongrass: thanks!

    girlstar7: wow that guy you described could be borderline – either that or he’s bi. Woohoo!

    Lisa: hahah I’m guessing that you’ve experienced similar.

    chocolatesuze: same to you, hope you had a good one!

    steph: it wasn’t that kind of massage parlour. Was a “clean” one. :mrgreen:

    thanks for the wishes and happy festivus to you too! heh.

  3. ricka

    Happy Belated birthday….(I’m also tempted to say happy new year aswell)

    Marcus, I’ve been to that massage palour in KL, and tried their Balinese massage. Nice place, but can’t really fall asleep because you can hear everyone talking around you.

  4. mooiness Post author

    ricka: Happy NY to you too! The massage place is nice isn’t it? I have now went twice but both times I had the Chinese style. I must try the other styles next time. 🙂

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