My 2006 New Year’s Eve

January 2, 2007 10:15 PM

The whole day was a mellow affair. I had Shanghainese dumplings at Crystal Jade with Phil and two other friends from primary school, Kuok-Peng and Wai-Choong. Wai-Choong brought along his wife and his 7-month old baby. It’s good to see him settling down well into fatherhood. As for the other three of us on the table, I don’t think marriage figures into our immediate plans as yet. Which kinda gives me a sense of relief – I’m not the only one who isn’t ready for marriage and babies.

After lunch, Wai-Choong and his family left for home. Kuok-Peng, Phil and I went to Lecka Lecka (again!) for beer. Among the topics that we talked about: women and the mind games that they play, and shitty Malaysian politics. After a jug of Carlsberg, guess what came into our heads again? Massage! Hahah.

So we headed off to Liang-Xin (again!) and all three of us had Chinese style. The masseuses were once again mainland Chinese women and the trio that massaged us were even more chatty than the ones from the previous time. I think that all three of us lying down in a row encouraged the playful banter and flirting.

Dinner and the NYE celebration were to be had with Justin whom I met on the night of the dinner with Mili and co. Dinner was at an open-air restaurant in Cheras before we headed to the first house gathering of the night. It was a small cosy affair with a total of 5 people.

This house was owned by one of Justin’s high school friends. Even though I was an outsider of the gathering, I really enjoyed their own remisnicing of their highschool days. For a couple of hours, we talked about a lot of things: shitty workplace practices, Justin’s business ideas and the risk of entreprenurialism, and not surprisingly, more complains about “the Malaysian condition”.

At around 12:30pm we adjourned for another house. The girl of this house is also a schoolmate of Justin’s, but a couple of years younger. And coincidentally, she and her brother live and work in Perth too. Her brother even recognised me from Mix, the restaurant which I used to ran near UWA. A few other people there were also either studying or working in Australia. Freaking small world.

The night’s festivities revolved primarily around drinking games. That was the first chance of a drink on the night for me, and you know that I loved it. 🙂

In the end, we stayed away from the crowded clubs and bars around KL and had a simple night in at home(s), and I celebrated NYE with strangers and friends whom I’ve just met a week ago. It was fantastic, this enjoyment and connectedness which I had with people whom I hardly know. Plus it was cheap. Can’t beat that.

Happy New Year everyone and bring on 2007!

8 thoughts on “My 2006 New Year’s Eve

  1. girlstar7

    Happy New Year! Sounds like you had a pretty good one. It’s good to spend New Years doing different things; you got to eat dumplings, have a massage AND attend two parties. Good stuff.
    I went to Summadayze in Melb, it was awesome, hopefully you’ll have as good a time as I did when you attend the Perth equivalent 🙂

  2. mooiness Post author

    Lara: yes I do. Good views and cheap beer.

    Simone: thanks and hope you had a good break too!

    dreymer: unfortunately yes. Mostly because I didn’t know the people I was with, I didn’t wanna offend anyone’s sensibilities. 😉

    sourrain: she where got wait for me at home? She had her own plans lah. And yes, sollie for the lack of pics.

    girlstar7: yeah yeah I’ll be heading to Summadayze a day and a half after I get back. Glad to hear it was awesome for you!


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