Summadayze Perth 2007

January 8, 2007 10:12 PM


Yesterday was one fine day for raving. As usual, it was me and Simon.

simon me

Unlike Two Tribes last year, there wasn’t a definite act that we wanted to catch. Instead, our aim going in was to get tipsy and let the crowd and music take us away on a magical ride. :mrgreen:

smirnoff-cans summadayze-main

The event was once again split into three main areas with lots of shade and resting areas in between. Throw in the several bars, cold drink stores, ice cream stands and hot food stalls (only 2 btw!) and the atmosphere was absolutely carnival-like.

outdoor-bar hot-food-stand2

Simon and I wandered around all these areas throughout the day with several stints of sitting under the shades. Jumping around with wild abandon is usually enough to tire oneself out, but inside the tents it was hot and humid which was quite draining on us. I think we drank at least 4 litres of water each, on top of the alcohol.

housedayze-tent-int main-tent-shade

Walking amongst the crowd were uniformed and plain clothes police who made their presence felt quite early on. Drugs are bad, mmkay? 😉

police1 police4

And of course, my neck and eyes got a good workout. Hot chicks galore! My paparazzi skills are definitely improving.

hot-chicks7 hot-chicks5
hot-chicks8 hot-chicks2

And for the ladies in the house. I didn’t forget you. 😉

men-with-tatts one-for-the-ladies

Here are pictures of random strangers – Mooiness™, no?

randoms3 randoms2
randoms-in-hats attractive-couple6

I call this picture “The Sleeping Beauties”, except there’s really only one beauty in the photo and it ain’t me. And Simon agrees. :mrgreen:


More photos and larger versions of the ones you see here are on my Summadayze Perth 2007 Flickr set.

I danced longer than Two Tribes last year but I think I had more fun at that than Summadayze. A couple of strangers I bumped into at the bus station after agreed. But if I had to pick one act as the best on the day, it would have to be Bob Sinclair. He came on towards the end of the night which you can see in the highlight clip (9:22).

Speaking of which … turn it up!

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10 thoughts on “Summadayze Perth 2007

  1. girlstar7

    Oh look forward to seeing all the updated photos and hearing how you found it! Tell me who you thought were the highlights/any observations (cause of course I went in Melb and would be interesting to compare).
    Lucky you getting a photo with a hot blonde 😉 that’s the beauty of summadayze, all the randoms you meet!!

  2. mooiness Post author

    cynthia: heh I think he was stunned.

    Rob: thank you thank you.

    ront: Yes which is why her friend pointed it out in the photo too.

    girlstar7: I love randoms! As mentioned, my fav was Bob Sinclair. The others were good in spurts. But I did dance longer than I did at Two Tribes last year. 🙂

  3. girlstar7

    From looking at the photos, it looks much smaller than the Melbourne event. But I guess that makes sense as Melbourne has a bigger population! Is Summadayze a really big deal in Perth too? In Melbourne it’s a very big deal being on New Years Day. People go to it instead of having a big one the night before.
    And BTW there are only two hot food stalls because most people are off their head on pills/speed/some other kind of stimulant and they totally suppress your appetite! Which is good for the people who don’t take anything as the queues to get a hotdog/pizza are very short! (as are the alcohol queues at some night raves as everyone is drinking water for the same reason).
    Also, in the “randoms” section the pic of those two chicks is pretty cool. It looks like you’ve done an awesome trick with your camera which all the blurry swirly lights in the background. Glad you got a good perv as well, and thanks for putting some hot guys in 😉

  4. LupinTan

    They should freaking bring Summadayze to Singapore, look at the “Chionging” (Translation: Clubbing) crowded in Singapore. I betcha even the “Jiu Hu Gia” (Translation: Malaysian) Will popped by if proper marketing is done.


  5. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: we had about 10,000 ppl there according to the news but yeah Melbourne should be bigger. And you guys had it best – on New Year’s Day!

    Heh you are right about the food and alcohol stands but at ours, the queue was long nonetheless. I jet off to McD after at about 9:45pm.

    I didn’t do any trick with that photo, it was pure luck!

    Lupin: you guys already got Zoukout which would be similar, as it’s an outdoor event. Though I think the Australian clubbing culture is vastly different and probably can’t be translated. 🙂

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