My cousin Shane’s wedding – day 1 photos

January 22, 2007 8:39 PM

“Getting the Bride”. The gist of this day was explained in a previous post. Here are the photos and a video to flesh out the story.

So here we are at Shane and Kirsten’s apartment building. The first “gate” was the lobby.


One of the challenges was for the groom to shout out “I love you” 3 times to the bride from the busy street in front of the apartments.


The second “gate” was outside their bedroom window.


Where the challenges and questions continued.

doing-a-challenge pondering-groomsmen
kirstens-family paul-after-the-lipstick

The prize at last.


After getting the bride, we headed back to Uncle Chris’ place for the tea ceremony. Here’s the proud parents, my uncle Chris and aunty Nora. My cousin EP was the coordinator of this part – he’s an old hand at it. 🙂


Getting the family jewels.

shane-kirsten shane-getting-jewellery

Shane and Kirsten being served tea by younger cousins and siblings.

shane-kirsten-tea-ceremony1 shane-kirsten-tea-ceremony2

After the tea ceremony, everyone adjourned to the backyard for lunch where friends and family from both sides mingled.

lunch-is-served backyard-lunch
yvonne-hunye uncle-chris-and-chee-sisters

My cousin Hunye (right) in the bottom left photo will be getting married in March, here in Perth. Another wedding to go to, and another chance for the big extended family to gather again. 🙂

So ends the first day, a very relaxed affair. The next day would be a bit more hectic. More photos in my Flickr set.

shane-kirsten-chees shane-kirsten-browns

And here’s a video of the “getting the bride” ritual that morning.

5 thoughts on “My cousin Shane’s wedding – day 1 photos

  1. sourrain

    it’s nice to see that he’s stuck to tradition and she’s gone along with it:)

    no.1 on my why-should-moo-move-to-sydney will be because there is so many chun blonde chicks in the pictures!


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