Kenny Sia insults me!

January 29, 2007 9:53 PM

Someone stumbled onto my blog using the search terms “kennysia plagiarism”. My curiousity was piqued and I followed the link to some Google search results. From there I got to Google’s cached results of Kenny’s blog feed (here and here). And this was what I saw:

Kenny Sia insults me

(actual post)


This was in reference to what I wrote about him plagiarising another blogger.

Nah I’m not pissed. But I am amused by the fact that a so-called blogebrity (at least around Singapore and Malaysia anyway) would retort by picking on the obvious. Yeah, I wear glasses. How does this help your argument dude?

That only tells me he couldn’t do it by arguing logically. Yeah, boyyyy.

To be fair to him, he decided against leaving this up and had edited his post. Alas, he didn’t take it down fast enough before Google cached it. Woops. Don’t want people to see it? Then don’t send it out into the ether like an idiot who lets his emotions get the better of him.

And btw? Blog responsibly. I couldn’t resist. πŸ˜€

The President of BLABBR

Me, Mooiness in a beanie

19 thoughts on “Kenny Sia insults me!

  1. sourrain


    i saw that when he posted it up..i was thinking about you but I thought i might be too sensitive so I shuttup-ed about it.

    so i was not the only one to think it was you huh.Funny how he never straightaway link you

    BLABBR Rules!

  2. mooiness Post author

    heh should’ve told me. Now thanks to you, I’m just digging up old shit. Hahahah!

    I know he’s talking about me because he’s used that “blogging responsibly” shite on me many times. And plus I wear glasses. Close enough. πŸ˜›

  3. LupinTan

    Hi Mooi, U know I bi-spec also, can I join BLABBR, maybe u can create a banner (at ur free time) or ask your chio bu friend (the one who create ur banner) to do it.

    As for Kenny, I do read his blog here and there. He got the same entertainment value of you-know-who-of-sg. Come to think of it, they make a cute couple, just petty their children. hahahahaha. Opps.

    Like I say from day 1, we (me, you and people we knows) belong to a totally different camps as the OTHERS!!!!

  4. mooiness Post author

    Cherisher: actually that’s a cool acronym. Hahaha!

    Lupin: can! free membership! Good idea on the banner though YC may be a little too busy for that. Maybe I can find a badge generator on the web.

    Re: Others – Proud to be different!

    steph: yeah like seagulls – don’t feed them or they will S.O.Y.! πŸ˜€

  5. misscipher

    I know that guy from uni. He was always late for lectures, and would stroll into the lecture room as if trying to make a statement of some sort. There was one time, he wore a white clingy shirt that shows his nipples. It wasn’t a pretty sight. He has massive nipples!

  6. Looiness


    Despite of Kenny’s ‘plagiarism’, why did Adidas still a sent pack of gift to Kenny?

    Becoz Kenny is more handsome and more creative than you.

    Damn you look so weird…. Don’t tell ther you are from Malaysia…. Malu….

  7. mooiness Post author

    Lupin: wasn’t explicit. He/She was just repeating what he/she flamed about earlier. Talk about not being creative. Heh.

    Getting a flamer … does that mean I’m a “blogebrity” now? Oh fuck no. Hahahah.

  8. Indra

    I like the closing line. President of BLABBR AHAHAHA the whole thing cracked me up. I reckon things would go differently if only he face you straight on. Silly Kenny.

    Long live BLABBR! πŸ™‚


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