Sydney January 2007 – Cabramatta day trip

January 29, 2007 8:46 PM


A few days after Shane’s wedding, some of the clan who were still in Sydney headed to Cabramatta for the day. My maternal grandparents’ ashes are interred at a temple there. A trip to “Little Vietnam” is always accompanied by pho for lunch.


Once at the temple, we first placed our offerings at the altar in front of the name plaques. We brought Krispy Kreme donuts that day – my grandparents loved their sweets.

temple-name-plaques temple-name-plaques2

We then went to the main temple to pray to the Buddhas.



Some of us also tried out the fortune-telling by tossing sticks. You’d shake a wooden container filled with sticks that had symbols and numbers etched on them, until one of them falls out. You then had that stick interpreted by the fortune teller, according to what area in your life you wanted to know about.


Yvonne obviously had a good fortune told. I wonder what did she ask about? 😉


Some of the group were flying back home that day. It was a good note to end the trip for them. I know I had fun. 🙂


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