Ad for self-cleaning toilet

January 30, 2007 7:36 PM

I have a question though: if one was to snort coke in a public toilet, and not that I would know anything about it *ahem*, why would you snort it off the toilet seat instead of on top of the cistern? 😉

(via Gizmodo)

7 thoughts on “Ad for self-cleaning toilet

  1. Rob

    you got a point there. the only reason i could think of is if the toilet had a hidden cistern ie behind a wall with only the flush button visible.
    too many bad thoughts of what could be on the toilet and proximity issues. but then again if you’re doing coke, you’d have no respect for what goes into your body anyway.

  2. Yuuka

    I actually thought about this before because I find it uber! gross even if it was clean. I think it`s the best height. You can like kneel or squat or sit on the floor and put your face down. If you used the cistern then you`d have to be in an awkward half-bent knee, painful tennis training position.

    Personally, I cannot even swallow pills so I`d never even dream about willingly snorting stuff. I only take liquid medicine, like a baby. 🙁


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