Sydney January 2007 – night out at Bondi

January 31, 2007 9:10 PM


On the second last night that I was in Sydney, I went out with my two best friends from Perth Brenjane (BJ) and Thamanoon, and Adeline (Adi). Adi and BJ are friends since high school and I also got to know her from a few years back.

Tham made reservations at Hurricane Grill and Bar at Bondi Beach, a place he said that served really good ribs. Reservations were definitely a good idea as there was a queue from the time we got there till we finished our meals an hour and a half later.

hurricane-bar-n-grill hurricane-food

When eating ribs, it’s difficult to look mature. 🙂

hurricane-adi-bj-me hurricane-babies
hurricane-tham-adi hurricane-ribs

This was BJ’s idea. Heh.


After dinner, we were gonna go to Ravesi but thought it was too noisy.


Instead, we ended up at The Beach Road Hotel.


There were a lot more space here and we could hear ourselves talking. It was perfect for our catching up. The three Sydneysiders haven’t seen each other for a while too. Funny how it takes an outsider to have people gather around. 🙂



We had two rounds of drinks and called it a night, it being a weeknight afterall. The next night we would be heading to the Opera Bar at Circular Quoy where the views were fantastic whether they be natural, man-made or human. Woohoo!

10 thoughts on “Sydney January 2007 – night out at Bondi

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  2. Flatfeet

    Eeeee, you should have introduced ya friends to me while I’m in Sydney (kiddin ya).Bondi beach is one of my favourite hangouts on a Sunday with the market.I’m going to Cott beach tomorrow.Wheeee….come come! ;p

  3. An

    Oh! Bibs! Cute! Heheheheh!

    And the ribs look Gigantic! =O

    I heard… Fried Mars bar very Sweeeeeet!!!

    I think I still prefer the cold, just out from the fridge type of Mars bars… heheh!

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