Am I moving?

February 3, 2007 12:29 AM

Being a typical Capricorn, I think and analyse about every major decision that I have to make. Actually I lie – it’s *every* decision that I make, big and small. The thought of moving elsewhere to work and to experience another city has been bouncing around my head for a very long time. And yet I remain in Perth.

The pragmatic side of me rationalise staying here easily: familiarity with people and places, and the lifestyle. I’ve got enough money to live on, and to socialise with. Why move, right? On the other hand, after frequent travels here and there, I have begun to wonder if I’m truly comfortable and content, or am I afraid of change?

Tonight, I found out something that provided me with a kick in the bum. Simon may get a job in Korea. It’s a 6-week in, and 2-week out thing. Money is good (VERY good), and the accomodation and the flights back to Perth are all provided. It’s a no-brainer and I told him he should take it.

Which means I will have no regular drinking buddy anymore. No one else in my age group goes out like Simon and I do, and although I know younger people they aren’t real friends as such. And I can forget about going to raves for a while. All this just means that my social life is gonna go down the crapper.

It’s a none too subtle hint for me to consider a change. If I have to build up my social life once more, I might as well do it in a different city. I’ve decided to make a decision (how Capricorn-ish!) by the end of June. At this stage, it’s a toss-up between Singapore and Sydney. Both have their good and bad points. Some family members have also been trying hard to persuade me to consider Shanghai as well. Decisions, decisions. 😉

13 thoughts on “Am I moving?

  1. sourrain

    methinks u should marry simon and move to korea.that way we are both married to simon!!!wee wee!


    Jokes aside, I think you are hankering for a change – and like you told me countless times before, its an adventure,good or bad, it shapes us.Those that do not travel the world only read a page out of War & Peace. We(well,you)are floaters, we will be ok as it is an adventure more than anything else.If you don’t like it, as least you’ve tried and you would appreciate perth more.

    GO LAH! SOMEWHERE ANYWHERE ! I wanna go visit.

  2. Rob

    there’s only one permanent way to shut up that little voice in your head that says “the grass is greener over there” and thats to go see for yourself. whether really it is or isn’t you’ll still find out a lot about yourself along the way.

  3. mf

    singapore la..sgp gd. heh.

    well i tink rob is right in a way…u wil hv to go somewhr and find out for urself rather than dwelling on it.

    if u dun try, how wud u knw how it taste rite? 😉

  4. girlstar7

    I think you should go to Sydney cause then you don’t have the excuse that Melbourne is too far away to travel to so I can take you out clubbing! (you can get flights for $90)….plus I go to Sydney at least once a year generally, esp now my Dad is going to be living there. So then we can finally go out partying together; always fun going out in a new city too.

  5. Flatfeet

    Moo, I can understand where you are coming from. It didn’t take me too long to decide when i moved from Perth to Sydney. I hate to be hesistant in terms of making decisions. If you are keen to go somewhere, just do it. You never know what surprises u along the way. Grass may be greener on the other end but I oppose such saying. I would rather put it as ‘it’s just a different sort of grass’.
    So whether it’s Sydney or Singapore, there’s always a chance to move on anyway.
    To side track a little, it was my first trip to Sydney when I relocated. A girl in a big city with zero friends. I did made friends along the way but my social life wasn’t that fantastic. That’s what basically triggers me to move back to Sg 😉

  6. mooiness Post author

    sourrain: “only read a page out of War & Peace”. Wow that’s deep. Hahahah.

    rob: true that.

    mf: actually AUD is stronger now but that would not be the main concern. 🙂

    Simone: thanks!

    girlstar7: hahah you make a very good point. Definitely taking that into consideration.

    Flatfeet: “different grass” – I like that. I think you are the type that can pick up and move instantly. And I salute you for making a move without knowing what it’d be like. For me, I know Sg and Syd quite well already. Shanghai is a distant third because I’ve never been there, but I’ve got relatives there, and also Sg and Syd. I definitely have it easier than you did.

  7. LupinTan

    Changes are good, no matter where you go, all the best.

    I know, u had seen the good and bad ponts of both cities.

    A few points to add for singapore.
    It’s bloody hot at times due to the huminity level. It’s going to be the midpoint for u between ur hometown and Perth. Budget airlines willing be rolling soon to Perth.

  8. Flatfeet

    Moo:I’m sorry to ask you this but just in case you’ve got friends who wanna buy a toyota echo 2001 in silver. Let me know asap!
    My car is gonna arrived from Sydney next Fri and I’m due to leave on Sun.
    I know this sounds weird but just trying my luck though.
    Cheerios x


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