Cheap Valentine’s Day ideas from a single guy

February 12, 2007 10:02 PM

I haven’t celebrated Valentine’s Day with anyone for a while, but I’ve honed my list of cheap and not too difficult things to do. Here are some of them.

  1. Breakfast in bed – toast with butter, soft-boiled eggs, freshly squeezed juice, favourite magazine. Difficulty: Easy (Moderate if never cooked before). Level of annoyance: Moderate, have to wake up early (Low, if you focus on the sex you’d be getting after).
  2. Voucher for 3 hours of your time doing something together with her – something that you don’t usually like. Difficulty: Easy. Level of annoyance: Moderate (Low, if you focus on the sex you’d be getting after).
  3. Picnic lunch by the river. Difficulty: Moderate (Easier if you can get your mom to help you with the food). Level of annoyance: Moderate to High, varies with the weather, insects, parking, and sharing the foreshore with hundreds of other couples who had the same bright idea as you. The sex might make up for it. You hope.
  4. Cook dinner for her, and serve her good red wine (note: more than AU$15 is expensive). Difficulty and Level of annoyance: more than breakfast in bed, but the sex should be even better. You hope.
  5. Neck rub and foot massage. Difficulty: Easy, just learn from a book. Or even better, get one of those foot-spa machines and a Hitachi Magic-Wand. Level of annoyance: Zero, you get to touch her whilst doing it AND you’d get sex after. Unless you let her get carried away with the Magic-Wand, in which case Level of Annoyance = Extreme.
  6. Combo: combination of the above, or all of the above in sequence (you champion!). Difficulty: Moderate to Extreme due to the logistics and planning plus you’d be tired. Level of annoyance: High but the sex should be oh-so-F*CKTASTIC. You hope.

More cheapo ideas at: – Cheap date

What will you be doing on your Valentine’s? :mrgreen:

Baby fishing a Valentine's Day gift from a toilet
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24 thoughts on “Cheap Valentine’s Day ideas from a single guy

  1. DeV|LisH

    explicist: same with me. I also never know what i want to do on that day. I mean same old routine meh? receive flowers and then go for candlelight dinner? damn boring. But still a lot of gals love it. Don’t u think so? ha ha

  2. mooiness Post author

    Devilish: let me put it back to you, why must that ONE day be sooo special? 😉

    explicist: porn eh. if I haven’t got the real thing, that’s a good substitute. Woohoo.

    herman: true that. or is it “romance AND sex” for women? Men are more simple-minded. Heh.

  3. DeV|LisH

    Ya lor i mean those special occasion is just merely for those florist to earn from u guys wat. So no point i tell ya ha ha but still plenty of ppl like to receive flowers on that day. Honestly it’s a waste of money from my point of view and if u treat her like dirt other days but vday u treat her like a queen also useless ma.

  4. explicist

    eh Devil, you sounded like you’re complaining abt your girl. 🙂 Anyway, I wld say that girls are just being girls… wanting to be treated “special” on this day… its like proclaiming to the world that she’s blissfully in love or perhaps to spite singles like me. bleah. If I have a valentine, I wouldn’t be going on a porn binge. 😉

  5. Rob

    I’ll add another one to herman’s list.
    Valentine’s for married couples with children -> sleep (the rest type, not the sex type).
    I’ll refrain from making monologues about Hallmark this year.

  6. DeV|LisH

    dui explicist don’t worry la i’m just speaking the truth only. But basically not all gals like guys to shower them with attention on vday only mah rite? but still there’s few that wish to have it that way. Like we always said NOBODY’s PERFECT so no matter how u spend your vday just remember that vday is not meant for lovers only k? ha ha wonder how it looks like to bring whole family out to celebrate :p

  7. mooiness Post author

    Devilish: the whole day is very commercialised as you’d noted. It’s like guys do it out of obligation and not because they really wanted to anymore. Also, I think if one can learn to love themselves first and foremost on VD, it’s not a bad thing either.

    explicist: haha yeah you’d be on a binge of another kind. Woohoo!

    Rob: only if you got somebody else to help you with the kids on the day. then you can sleep. Heh.

  8. girlstar7

    Yep, good old Valentine’s Day. I always seem to end up single on Valentine’s and this year is no exception. The only year I remember not being single on the day was when I was overseas and my bf at the time was back here in Aus so couldn’t really do anything for it! Murphy’s Law, I guess! So, yeah, never really done the whole Valentine’s Day thing…
    So I always say it’s commercialised, over rated etc. But secretly, if I ever DO have a bf on the day (who is in the same country) I would love him to do something special…and I promise he would get some good loving in return 😛

  9. mooiness Post author

    girlstar7: see, your last sentence just proves what Herman (#4) said above. Heh.

    explicist: yeah baybee!

    mf: cheap mah! Hahah!

    Devilish: yeah both sexes are suckered into celebrating it.

    dreymer: cheesy AND cheap? You are in luck cos I can do both. Woohoo!

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  11. girlstar7

    Yep, i guess you’re right…although I would like romance AND sex preferably (as you said in your earlier statement) Nice candlelit 3-course meal followed by a stroll on a nice quiet night followed by steamy hot sex…now that would be a good Valentine’s Day!
    HAHA pity I’m not only single but on a celibacy vow so won’t be gettin’ any of that for quite a while!

  12. mooiness Post author

    dreymer: oooh a challenge eh. Bring it on!

    Mooi’s Cheesy Valentine’s Special:
    1. Poem written on napkin taken from first dinner together, that starts with “Roses are red …”

    2. One rose pluck from my mother’s garden.

    3. One box of Cadbury Roses (awww)

    4. A “I Love You” balloon from the local florist.

    Cheap AND Cheesy! :mrgreen:

  13. sourrain

    omg vomit blood.

    you forgot bringing the girl to some open spaces and paying a pilot to fly over drawing a pic of a rose with his exhaust

    wait a min. that is not elcheapo

    how about drawing rose on sand?

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