Post VD post #2

February 14, 2007 11:02 PM


So VD is almost over. You may just be finishing off that over-priced dinner for two because the service tonight was horribly slow. You could be walking by the beach or the river, or sitting on a park bench gazing lovingly at the moon together.

You could have kept it simple, and you could have had a role-reversal. You could be on the couch now watching “Love Always” or if you really meant it with the role-reversal some action-movie with lotsa babes and gratuitous nudity and sex.

Intoxicated by the alcohol, the romance or both, you could be pashing, you could be post-coital or you could be mid-coital (bravo!).

In the end, how has the day been different to every other day? Was the food better? The air smelt fresher? The big “O” was even bigger? Did you appreciate each other more today than any other day?

Did you have such a fantastic story to share with us poor singles that it will make us curl up into a foetal position and weep?

Or did you realise like the rest of us singles that the day is over-priced, over-crowded, and over-hyped?

The truth – spill it! 😉

Valentine's blah blah
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16 thoughts on “Post VD post #2

  1. sourrain

    mine has not even started yet! Its only 3.50pm.

    I forsee an extremely exciting time shopping at IKEA tonight actually.And my dinner is going to be ikea swedish meatballs, woohoo!£5 for two meals, I think this beats the cheap dates of all cheap dates.It’s like as if we are trying to purposesly anti-valentine.

    But I’ve already received my pre valentine & pre chinese new year gift of tulips in red vase. Note the PRE CNY.More like buying me a bauble to hang on xmas tree and call it my present.

  2. dreymer

    Spent Val’s with friends. I had cravings for maggie mee goreng so we went to Kayu Nasi Kandar for it. Still not satisfied, we had some papadams and shared the big-ass roti tisu. So satisfying. Yum!

  3. girlstar7

    My Dad rang me at 6 o’clock asking if I wanted to go out for dinner. I said, ‘it might be a bit hard to get a booking, it’s Valentine’s Day.’ He didn’t even know!
    Anyway, we tried a few places including our regular but they were all fully booked out. Eventually we found a place that did have a table and we actually had a pretty good meal. I even got a red rose from the waiter!
    So yeah pretty romantic spending Valentine’s Day with my good old Dad. But we are both single, so hey, seemed the right thing to do! Just as long as the staff at the restaurant didn’t think we were a creepy older guy/young girl couple, it’s okay…(cause I did wonder about that one)!!

  4. mooiness Post author

    mf: nothing wrong with that! This post was more aimed at couples.

    sourrain: wahah, all the gifts in one shot. Then again, this year the two holidays are quite close together. £5 meal-for-two for the win!

    explicist: well, porn and self-service still can’t replace the real thing. But it’s good enough to tie us over. 😉

    herman: champion!

    Blur ting: what? no “O”‘s on a weekday? Oh you mean no time to really put an effort into it. I getcha. Heh.

    dreymer: that IS satisfying. Food is next to sex in my book. 😀

    As for the green top, here’s the other pics of it:

    Devilish: nothing wrong with being a kwai girl. 😉

    Rob: of course not! however, I did play on that in last year’s post, hence the “#2” in the title.

    girlstar7: hahahah! Great story. And to be honest, I would have thunk that you two were a couple too. 😛

  5. tikii

    valentines day on a wednesday in singapore spelt mambo jumbo night hahas all night long… another thing to add to your “should i move to singapore list” hahas

  6. DeV|LisH

    argh Mooey if u ask me rite? i would prefer sitting in my office chair and reading through materials than being a maid but wat to do? haha since i’m the only one at home now so got to help out. Anyway 2 more days! Gong Xi Gong Xi to all!

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